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Oddly compelling, but not without flaws 0

Condemned is a strange game, but it's also one that is more than the sum of its parts. From a strictly gameplay perspective, Condemned is about as straightforward as can be. About 90% of the game consists of guiding the character of Ethan Thomas through a wasteland of abandoned urban landmarks, such as a decrepit school and a shuttered city library (the nameless post-industrial city that the Saw movies take place in seems like an inspiration for the setting here). Three missions in a row take pl...

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Once great but now dated 0

I think the simplest way I can describe my feelings about playing through Call of Duty 2 in 2020 is that while this game was definitely impressive back in its day, it doesn't come across as anything special today. The one thing this game sometimes does very well - and a big reason why this game was a success in its day - is that it can simulate the feeling of being one small piece of a much larger conflict very well.Obviously, you'll be walking through various European, Russian, and African batt...

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