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My First System-The TI-99

So I woke up this morning and drove to the gym way too damn early.  Downed a sugar free red bull and listened to the Bombcast as I drove through the early morning darkness.  As I exited my vehicle, thinking about last night's gaming session, I pondered my early days of gaming.  Just what was my first system?  As I dug around in the attic of my brain, removing cobwebs and dusting off old memories I hadn't accessed in years, it occurred to me...the Texas Instruments TI99/4A.  Wow.  I haven't thought about that one in years.  I couldn't even remember all the games I had played on the system.  Sure, a few favorites jumped out: Parsec, Car Wars, Hunt the Wumpus.  But I knew there was more there than I could remember immediately.  Thank Zeus for the internet.  I found this site and so many more memories came flooding back with the glimpse of a few images.
There is my shout out to the guys that compiled this list.  Kudos, dudes.  Bravo.  Anyone else here have memories of this system?  Games on it you might have played?  If not or if so, just shout out...which was the first that got you hooked on these crazy vidyagames?