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Games I will never S Rank.

I was looking at my profile a little earlier and being the ocd freak that I am, I was morosely furrowing my brow at games I have played that will never be S ranked.  For whatever reason, be it a dead online community or just one asking for requirements that I have not the patience or skill for, this is a list of those games.  Enjoy and comment on games that annoy the piss out of you with their ridiculous requirements.

List items

  • Well, this was a fun game, but one that only netted me about 80 points my first playthrough. From there it all went downhill as the rest of the majority of the achievements are online only. And you can probably guess how many chaps are still playing this online. Yeah...none.

  • I am pretty sure I don't have to say anything about this.

  • RTS's inherently should NOT be played on the console and this games was no exception. I didn't beat the final level and I think I have already sold this after destroying more than one controller. 1000 points? Not going to happen.

  • I love the Devil May Cry games. (Excuse me, all but #2. That one stank like it's moniker.) This being the first 360 iteration I was stoked as to how many times I would play through it for all the points. WRONG. This. Game. Kicked. My. ASS. Love you Dante, but this one will forever incomplete in the cheevo category.


  • Mirrors' Edge did a lot of things right and the haters be damned, I enjoyed the combat. However...putting together a combo asking the player to wall kick, jump, flip, half gainer backwards into the splits while playing Beethoven's 5th on a kazoo was a bit much. Also, time trials. FUCK THAT.


  • SMILE. How about FROWN. I am never getting that bloody achievement.

  • You know, I really didn't mind what this game had to offer. I played it on hard and it wasn't even too difficult. The combat was serviceable and the co-op enjoyable. I really thought I might be in for completing this game fully. THEN I JUMPED ONLINE. Every game was so buggy and so latent I do not see myself ever having the patience to see this one through.

  • NO ONE PLAYS THIS GAME ONLINE ANYMORE. I am not sure they ever did.

  • I really enjoyed playing this game, even though the strategy elements were a bit sketchy. NOW. Take those sketchy elements and force players to "strategize" against one another online? I don't think so.

  • Truly one of the first games I played that made me realize we had jumped to the next generation. I am not here to bitch about the save system. Didn't bother me. However, what I am going to go apeshit about is the 5 and 7 day survivor achievements. 7 or 14 hours of continuous, monotonous play just for 40 points? Capcom, have you lost your damn minds???!!

  • Another of my favorites. First game I can think of that had 99 achievements. I know this is not a statement to win friends or influence people, but the 360 version of Team Fortress 2 SUCKS. I refuse to play it and so therefore will never get the 16 achievements associated with it.

  • One of my favorite online games of all time. Also a game that attempts to break you in search of all it's points. Getting through a campaign without getting touched by a special infected? Probably never going to happen.

  • I hate that I have to have both Left 4 Dead games on this list. Sadly they both have some bitch ass achievements. This one, like it's predecessor, has one or two that I will never get. Also, thanks to the ramped up difficulty,puts those last couple I need just out of my reach. Damn you, Valve. I mean, I love you. (please put out HL2ep3 now, kthanks.)

  • Not only does Halo 3 have a ridiculous amount of points to get, but a lot of those are online. Now, this is not a game that I can blame a lack of online community, because, face it, there are still a lot of 14 and 15 year old's playing Halo 3. But who am I kidding, Reach is about to come out, and I will probably never complete this. Congrats, Bungie, you have beaten me.

  • Another very enjoyable game that put almost half of it's total points in the online portion of the game. And I never played it. And I probably won't ever play it. Another one bites the dust.

  • Seriously...? Seriously get the hell out of here.

  • Game Room is cool and all, but the amount of REAL money it asks of the player to spend on getting a thousand points is beyond ridiculous. I am OCD and all, but holy shit, I'm not that desperate.

  • Greatest XBLA game to come out in quite a long time. I highly recommend it. I also have all the achievements but one and for anyone who has played the game, I am sure you know which one that is. For those of you who are that much of a badass to have gotten the elusive "No point in dying"...HATS OFF TO YOU. It is beyond my reach.