Greatest Villains

Being bad never felt so damn good!

List items

  • He stabbed Aeris in the back with his sword... DONE.

  • This turtle dragon thing has been kidnapping princesses since 1985. Wow... that's four years before I was born. Well I have to give it to him for not giving up for 20 years. Fuck Mario! All he's trying to do is find love... and sometimes star powers or a universe. May your dream of marring a human and having horribly... HORRIBLY deformed children come true... *shudder*

  • This guy did some pretty fucked up stuff to reach his end goal...

  • This guy killed A LOT of people.

  • If you choose to go the evil route, you will find that Cole really doesn't give a fuck about anyone else.

  • Well... he certainly blurs the line between good guy and bad guy. He's good then bad then good again... yea, I know, weird. Anyway, I'm gonna put him as villain cus he acted like a badass when he was one... or when we thought he was one... or something.

  • When this guy was bad he was ALL the way bad.

  • This badass dropped an A-Bomb on those fools.