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Well Then...

My school campus is on lockdown due to an armed suspect with a shotgun or something roaming around. No classes today. Now I'm bored. Want to chat GiantBomb? This is both scary and frustrating.


Halloween Costumes!!!

Okay so maybe this has been done already but I'm in the spirit and bored waiting for the party to start and I realized how long it's been since I blogged. So I'm interested in seeing what others did for Halloween if they care to share pics or stories of the night or previous night. I can start with my super lazy undead zombie girl made from theatre make up.

Halloween lazy costume
Halloween lazy costume

Isn't it weird...

I have found myself having more conversations about movies on GiantBomb then I have had on Screened over the last month?  I realize I'm a movie buff and rarely talk about the games I play so here is an attempt to try and turn that around with games adapted from film.  My favorite is possibly Batman on the NES or Darkman on the NES (even though both are waaay to friggin hard).  That or perhaps one of the many Disney based games on the SNES.  The quality of older movies games really show a different era for the media.  You know, when the cared about their consumers.  Discuss?