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I know you've already answered yourself now, but I just wanted to say: Assuming you have it on Steam, push-to-talk settings are a universal thing in all games. Also, you could just unplug the mic or get one with a switch on; it's nice to glance down at and check quickly when you get paranoid that people have just heard you singing to yourself.

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Both Firefox and Chrome make out that this is a fake site, a phishing site or whatever. I had to add an exception to be able to log in to report this. I'm assuming it is a bug rather than an actual security breach.

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@psylah said:

Lara having a good tug on some soft wood will give the desired results.

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I was just going to say that I actually think this is part of a larger issue, not with gameplay/storyline dissonance, but just with origin stories in general. In any origin story, you have this cumbersome shift from them being a totally clueless newb to being more-or-less fully-formed - as the audience typically knows them (e.g. going from silly, normal Peter Parker to cocky, web-slinging Spider-man). The best way is to normally just skip out all the difficult middle stuff. Indiana Jones had an origin story at the start of Last Crusade, but it was just a snapshot, and from then to the current time in the storyline, it's still all left out. Same with Batman. You typically see Bruce as a young boy, then him post-training, with the Batcave there and all that. When you go from Peter Parker being shy, clumsy and awkward to him confidently swinging through New York 400 feet in the air on a thin strand of whatever-the-fuck, it's weird.

In the first Raimi movie they had that humorous scene where he figures out how to shoot the webbing out, then they cut to him going "Woohoo!" and swinging around. They do a sleight of hand, really. There's no convincing way to show a normal person learning to be okay swinging through the air at 50 miles an hour, so high you'd become pavement pizza topping if you fell. Not without dedicating the entire film to it, anyway. To me, that's the "problem" Tomb Raider has, not necessarily a dissonance between gameplay and story. Start "in media res", in the thick of it, basically, and you're not asking the audience to dwell on the change. It's already happened. Batman is already fighting the Joker, James Bond is already a seasoned spy, shooting women and fucking bad guys or something like that, and Lara Croft is already fighting velociraptors and backflipping 20 feet through the air.

@wintersnowblind: Well it's down to how they specifically phrased it. If they said "Lara will need to find ways to survive" then that ties into the narrative, if they said "the player..." then that does indeed tie into the gameplay. I'm not sure how they phrased it, but just saying there is that difference. Also, the animals drop "bones" as the skill mentions, which is what you're meant to use for crafting. To be fair, that really is a gameplay-oriented thing. There's no way you could have enough droppables to cover modifying a bow, modifying a semi-automatic pistol, modifying a shotgun etc etc without it being maddeningly tedious and frustrating to collect the appropriate ones from appropriate places.

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I've reinstalled Windows and at first the game was running really smoothly. After a while it started chugging again (even if I went back to the places it was smooth). As a test, I set the resolution to 800x600 and put everything on minimum/off. Bizarrely, the performance was terrible. Stuttering and lurching like crazy. I put it back to 1920x1080, everything on High, and it was a lot smoother but with that subtle but annoying microstutter. I have no idea what's going on with this PC.

I still haven't got around to limiting the framerate - the Windows reinstallation was for a few other reasons as well - so hopefully that'll work. The fact the chugging got worse when I put it on the lowest possible settings, where you'd normally expect a really high framerate, makes me think it's connected to that.

Edit: Limiting the framerate does indeed work. Thanks for the suggestion. It's odd, though, since if it even goes 1 frame below what I've limited it to, the game starts freaking out again. In some areas I have to limit it to 30fps because while it's typically around 40+ (and 60 in smaller areas and indoors), just now and then it'll drop down by a bit and the game starts stuttering again. No idea what the larger problem behind it all is, but it's nice that I can at least play Tomb Raider without it looking like the whole world is having an epileptic fit.

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Thank you both for you responses. I'll try out the framerate limiter ASAP. I also think it might be down to a terrible HDD. My PC's various components are pretty good, but the HDD is a decentish HDD from the early 2000s. You know that WIndows hardware rating thing? Well most of my stuff gets near maximum, but my HDD gets a mere 5.5 - and that drags the whole thing down to that level. The drivers are up to date, I'm just using a single video card, and my RAM (which is Corsair DDR3 4GB) is right on the money as far as recommended specs go. Well, just in case, I'll put my specs below.

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE (3.2ghz Quad)

RAM: 4GB of DDR3 Corsair

Graphics: AMD Radeon 5870

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

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I actually have this in a number of games, though it does seem pretty random which ones. Sometimes a beautiful-looking game will be stutter free, other times a pretty old and basic-looking game will stutter like that dude from Police Academy. What I'm referring to is this almost heartbeat-like judder that goes on regardless of the framerate of the game. The fps readout could be saying 60+fps and still, every second or so, jolt... jolt... jolt.

It's really annoying, it's worse than simply having a bad framerate because it's so unpredictable. It's not just "kind of choppy", it's like someone's randomly pausing and unpausing a DVD. It doesn't matter how low or high the settings are (nor in other games). I actually have the exact processor named in the recommended and the exact amount of RAM also, plus my graphics card is the one mentioned. I know "recommended" doesn't mean "fucking amazing, 4000 frames per second", but this is a joke. It's like I'm trying to play it on a Dell PC from 2001.

Edit: And yes, I have checked background processes and all that by-the-number troubleshooting stuff. I've read a lot about this problem with FarCry 3, a game I got it horribly with, and none of the usual solutions helped me. As the nun from Jay and SIlent Bob Strike Back once said, "Help me Giant Bomb, you're my only hope".

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@Mr_Scumbag: Can you connect anything that you just said to this at all? Society changing has nothing to do with friends jokingly insulting each other. It's neither more or less offensive than it's ever been. There's a difference between something not being funny and what you're claiming here - so, taking into account that we agree it's not funny, what is the problem? Simply that it's not funny or anything more than that? If you're simply bleating out "I am offended", please refer to the words of Stephen Fry:

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They expect people to buy a Wii after we all found out how terribly supported it was?

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The stereotype of Americans being obsessed with suing people gets proven to be true again. I don't know anyone who has ever sued anyone or ever even considered suing anyone, or been in any other kind of lawsuit against a company. Taking away their right to do this is like taking away their right to pilot a Gundam. This has probably been brought in because Americans do crazy shit like sue car companies for not explicitly stating that "cruise control" does not actually drive the car for you or suing McDonalds for hot drinks being hot.