Games I Want to Play by the End of the Year

Games that I'm hoping are going to rock

List items

  • This game is going to marvelous and time consuming. Of this list this is the most important in my opinion.

  • I like the marketing they are doing with this game. It really makes me want to get on board and play through the first one (even though it's not the hottest FPS on the PS3).

  • This game looks gorgeous. I can't wait to check this out. I've pretty consistently liked SW games.

  • Never played much of the 360 or PC version of this game. That being said, what I have played lead me to believe this would be a FPS I would hold on par with the Half-Life series.

  • Even if it's just a re-skinned Oblivion, this looks interesting to me.

  • Looks beautiful and I enjoyed the previous game. I would at least give this one a shot.

  • Already beat it - but with Trophies coming out, I may have to pick this one up again to knock some of them out.

  • The demo was a blast. I really think the destructible environment does so much for the BF series.

  • Loved the previous AvP games. I hope this one doesn't get jacked.

  • Yeah, it's going to be great. With all the hype behind SOCOM games it's got to be right...?