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My 2010 Favorites, part 2

The second and final installment of my personal faves for 2010.

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  • Easily the game I have played most online, the number of hours I spent on the multiplayer easily topples all other shooters I have played in such a way. It is likely because you can be useful to a team in more than just the “shoot the other dudes” style. Sure, all classes this game offers need to pull the trigger plenty of times, but being able to fix vehicles, spot enemies, and heal allies means that a person who honestly is bored by or uninterested in 90% of first-person shooters can play it and actually enjoy themselves.

  • I don’t know why, but I was expecting this game to simply be a watered down salve to treat my gaping wound of desire for Kingdom Hearts III. Maybe because it was a handheld game? Maybe because of the lack of proper buttons for the PSP (which can be an issue for lazier developers unwilling to think for a bit about how to make their game work)? It doesn’t matter at this point, though, since Birth By Sleep is amazing. The best combat of in the series and some other addictive components all completely make up for an iffy story and mediocre voice acting. Leonard Nemoy could have easily been the highlight of the latter with his great delivery, but the roughness and aged quality of his voice throws me off when I look at the character he plays. Whatever, the game is super fun and I look forward to playing tons more of it.

  • Ah, the enigma. A game with a great campaign and excellent multiplayer, yet I am choosing to watch more of it than actually play. It’s almost as if I am putting this on here for merely existing, but I have put in dozens of hours playing the campaign and sharpening my game against the computer, so that’s not exactly right. I really hope to be able to man-up and play some competitive multiplayer, but just like all other online games, I get very bored without a story, so I’d rather keep queuing up Youtube videos and thanking Blizzard for a fantastic strategy game. That, and occasionally trying out some weird build order against an A.I. opponent.

  • I’ll have to emphasize here that I am talking about the PC version of the game. I bought the 360 version and excitedly put it in my system, but the console decided to be a little bitch about trying to play it (it later completely failed during the very last portion of Deadly Premonition, forcing me to watch the final segment on the Endurance Run). A returned the copy and got the PC version and was instantly impressed. It ran at a superior framerate and resolution, and it didn’t completely stop working after two hours like the 360 version. Wonderful. Oh and then there was the actually game, which was a great third-person shooter pretending to be an RPG. The story was not as flatout cool as the first game in the series, and it felt like previous iteration didn’t even matter too much in the main story elements (unlike what BioWare said would happen), but it was a damned fine game nonetheless.

  • Let’s ignore the annoyingly accented voice performances on this one, which is admittedly hard to do. The characters, story, and uniquely styled gameplay were in near-perfect order throughout Heavy Rain, which is what matters. It was absolutely the most cinematic and artistically driven console game I’ve ever played. It also did the best job I’ve seen of combining the addictive aspects of a feature film while allowing a player control over how it all went. The developers call it “interactive drama,” and the name seems to fit.