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Its 2:30am, what is going on?

Yeah, its pretty late. I am in the middle of working 8 days straight for work, but thankfully I don't have to work again until later on until tomorrow evening. Working 2 10 hours 7am's back to back is a real bitch. I just got done watching the Arrow series premier and it seems kinda cool, I just hope it does not turn into another Heroes, God, I hated that show. I also hate myself for starting another tv show to watch during my weekly run. I am already watching Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, just finished off Hell on Wheels season 2, and now The Walking Dead returns on Sundays. Its all good though, need something to kill time with while not working, right? Just as a side note, Jim Beam does not taste very good :(.

So what's up? The fuck you all doing this Saturday night?


So I guess you wonder why there has not been a destroyer around..

I haven't been able to actually post here in almost 4 months because simply, my motherboard on my home built computer died. So I was forced to use my brand new Black Berry Torch as a computer,which is a great phone, just a pain in the ass to try and use it as a computer. But I finally got something good, I went to Best Buy and bought a Sony Vaio laptop for just about $800. It has a 5.0 dual core processor (very fast by the way), 4gig of ram, 500gb hard drive, a keyboard thats built so nothing can get underneath the keys, and it also features a number pad, the web cam in it is not that bad either. The guy also gave me the firewall I usually use for %50 off, which was also a great deal. The screen is also a 15.5 inch HD LCD and the system is running on Windows 7 Professional, which is pretty sweet. So now that you know I am back, I go some destroying to catch up on.


F.E.A.R has fear within itself.

 Point that thing somewhere else because we are nice enough to sell it to you for $10.
 Point that thing somewhere else because we are nice enough to sell it to you for $10.
This is my first time playing a F.E.A.R  game and I am maybe about an hour through it, it has a strong paranormal theme to it that works pretty well so far. I did not think it would work well with a fps but it does, after all, Monoloth did a fantastic job with the Condemned games.The package on Steam came with its 2 expansions, and it also has F.E.A.R 2 up for like $20 right now, which I will pick up once I finish this one. As for the horror elements, it makes me a little nervous to walk down a dimly lit hallway with a light bulb blinking that does not know if it wants to go out or not. I would hear a creepy little girl laugh and when I turn around I see a small leg barely visible at the edge of the door. I would walk in that direction she went in to find a bloated dead body in the corner, I think this game is going to be a fun ride. 

No gaming getting done, thanks to work and crappy internet.

Its a Sunday today, which means that I worked 11am-8pm and with a shift like that I am usually assigned a task that is completely weird and will most likely take at least 90% of my shift to accomplish. I am a full time grocery clerk at a grocery store, my basic job is to keep all the Buy 1 Get 1 free items packed full as best as possible, ( which is still not good enough for my managers, fuck them.) Today I was given the hardest task in the store, working the dairy department. I had some large U-shaped floats and a shit ton of back stock that had been sitting there for a while that they wanted on the shelf, I also have to rotate everything on the shelf so the newer expiration dates go in the back while the older ones sit in the front waiting for greedy hands to snatch them up. The fun thing is, I have never worked dairy before, the dairy clerk decided to take the day off so I was stuck with his job. I finished what they wanted me to do in there just before 8pm, they approved of my work and were pleased with the amount of back stock that is now on the shelf. I come home ready to have a few mixed drinks and play some Modern Warfare 2 on my xbox. It took nearly 25 minutes to connect to a round of Team Deathmatch and that server was laggy as hell, I left the game to do some more matchmaking but it rejoined me on that same server, seemed like they were the only dudes playing MW2 online in the world. So i said fuck it and turned the xbox off and opened up STEAM on my computer and realized that all 5 IL-2 Sturmovik games were up for $10 total, I remember being interested in these games a long time ago and the reviews were really good from the crew on Gamespot back in the day.  I was a big fan of Crimson Skies for the original xbox so I am hoping that I would enjoy these still. Anyways, my ass is beat, looks like I won't be able to level up and reach lvl 50 MW2 tonight but at last I can have some fun playing around with some flight simulators. Thanks for reading my ramble :) 


Weird ass sleeping schedule for a dude that already has one.

I work 3pm-12am, 5 days a week, and as a result I sleep from 3am-12pm. Since I have been on vacation for the week though, that has changed a little bit. Tonight is the worst it of it was tonight. I fell asleep around 10:30 pm and woke up at 3:30am. Its a solid 5 hours of sleep, I know....... but that is way to fucking early and I can't go back to sleep. So, anyone else having a hard time sleeping tonight?


I have been sick at least 5 times in the last 8 weeks :(

Since the end of September, I have been attacked by a number of sicknesses, I am just tired of being sick so I just want to gripe about it for a moment.Since September, I have been struck with Pink Eye, Stomach Virus, the Flu, and now I have a Sinus Infection. I have spent a decent amount of money at the doctors and I am tired of going to them also. This just sucks :(.


Hot food, cold weather, flu season!

I decided to blog today, because I woke up this morning realizing that I have been struck with the stomach virus, I vomited for about 5 hours, until noon time, when I decided it would be best to stay in bed all day and call in sick at the day job today. It is getting cold really fast here in Georgia, the temp is dropping into the low 40's/mid 30's already! As a result I have been stocking up on whole wheat bread, cheese, tomato soup and Garlic salt. But today I couldn't eat that because of my stomach issues, I had been feasting on chicken boilion. I soon couldn't take the liquid anymore and once I realized my stomach had for the most part calmed down, I was more than happy to switch to toast and some Ramen beef noodle soup for the time being. With that being said, I am feeling a lot better now :).


My favorite martial art movies.

These are a list of some of my favorite Martial Art movies, you can post yours too, because, I am always up for a good martial arts movie.

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This is probably my favorite martial arts movie, you may or may not have heard of it as it got a small release. But it is one hell of a wild ride,and takes a few surprising turns along the way.

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Unleashed comes in 2nd,  with a strong cast, bone crushing fight scenes, and a fantastic performance deliverd by Jet Li. I fell in love with it quickly.

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Rush Hour 2 shows up in third for me, I enjoy the blend of comedy and action and Chris Tucker singing at the Kareoke Bar. Rarely do sequels end up better than the origanal, but this one did.

Those are my top 3, enjoy or hate. Your call, lol.
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