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Its 2:30am, what is going on?

Yeah, its pretty late. I am in the middle of working 8 days straight for work, but thankfully I don't have to work again until later on until tomorrow evening. Working 2 10 hours 7am's back to back is a real bitch. I just got done watching the Arrow series premier and it seems kinda cool, I just hope it does not turn into another Heroes, God, I hated that show. I also hate myself for starting another tv show to watch during my weekly run. I am already watching Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, just finished off Hell on Wheels season 2, and now The Walking Dead returns on Sundays. Its all good though, need something to kill time with while not working, right? Just as a side note, Jim Beam does not taste very good :(.

So what's up? The fuck you all doing this Saturday night?