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My favorite martial art movies.

These are a list of some of my favorite Martial Art movies, you can post yours too, because, I am always up for a good martial arts movie.

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This is probably my favorite martial arts movie, you may or may not have heard of it as it got a small release. But it is one hell of a wild ride,and takes a few surprising turns along the way.

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Unleashed comes in 2nd,  with a strong cast, bone crushing fight scenes, and a fantastic performance deliverd by Jet Li. I fell in love with it quickly.

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Rush Hour 2 shows up in third for me, I enjoy the blend of comedy and action and Chris Tucker singing at the Kareoke Bar. Rarely do sequels end up better than the origanal, but this one did.

Those are my top 3, enjoy or hate. Your call, lol.