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No gaming getting done, thanks to work and crappy internet.

Its a Sunday today, which means that I worked 11am-8pm and with a shift like that I am usually assigned a task that is completely weird and will most likely take at least 90% of my shift to accomplish. I am a full time grocery clerk at a grocery store, my basic job is to keep all the Buy 1 Get 1 free items packed full as best as possible, ( which is still not good enough for my managers, fuck them.) Today I was given the hardest task in the store, working the dairy department. I had some large U-shaped floats and a shit ton of back stock that had been sitting there for a while that they wanted on the shelf, I also have to rotate everything on the shelf so the newer expiration dates go in the back while the older ones sit in the front waiting for greedy hands to snatch them up. The fun thing is, I have never worked dairy before, the dairy clerk decided to take the day off so I was stuck with his job. I finished what they wanted me to do in there just before 8pm, they approved of my work and were pleased with the amount of back stock that is now on the shelf. I come home ready to have a few mixed drinks and play some Modern Warfare 2 on my xbox. It took nearly 25 minutes to connect to a round of Team Deathmatch and that server was laggy as hell, I left the game to do some more matchmaking but it rejoined me on that same server, seemed like they were the only dudes playing MW2 online in the world. So i said fuck it and turned the xbox off and opened up STEAM on my computer and realized that all 5 IL-2 Sturmovik games were up for $10 total, I remember being interested in these games a long time ago and the reviews were really good from the crew on Gamespot back in the day.  I was a big fan of Crimson Skies for the original xbox so I am hoping that I would enjoy these still. Anyways, my ass is beat, looks like I won't be able to level up and reach lvl 50 MW2 tonight but at last I can have some fun playing around with some flight simulators. Thanks for reading my ramble :)