Hey Broseph, What's Going On?

So I've been playing Runescape again for the first time in like... a year. The amount of effort Jagex puts into constantly updating that game is both commendable and slightly frightening. I mean, it had only been a year since the last time I logged on (maybe less, I'm not really sure), but I feel like every other thing I saw was either completely new or updated in some way. Anyways, Runescape may not be as popular as WoW (and is probably of lower quality realistically), but I actually enjoy playing it more for whatever reason (probably because none of my friends play World of Warcraft). Also, the writing in Runescape is pretty awesome; the quests in that game are easily better than in any other MMO I've ever played (not that I've played a whole lot, but you get the point). But yeah, I'll probably be playing Runescape for at least the next few weeks (against my better judgement, believe me), and if you want to chat me up in that, feel free. My screen name's Teh Flan, though I don't imagine that would have taken too long to figure out. Well, the space in there may have tripped you up some, but whatever.
On an unrelated note, horses are pretty cool, and I have never played Gallop Racer (unfortunately). 
Good Luck Have Cabbage, 
Teflon- er, I mean TehFlan. Yeah, let's go with that one.