Best of 2010

TehFlan: Best of 2010 
There are plenty of games that came out this year that I haven't played or seen enough of to know whether or not I'd like them, so if you think this list is strange, you are 100% entitled to that opinion, and I might even agree with you. Either way, Here are my top 10 games of 2010.

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  • I put over 300 hours into this game. It is a ton of fun, and I still have more to do, although I am like, 6 Pokemon away from completing the entire Pokedex. I'm actually kind of scared about how much time I'll put into Black or White when I get those. That aside, Pokemon Heartgold is my GOTY for 2010 and the best Pokemon game I've played.

  • Dude. It's Mario, c'mon.


  • Amazing campaign, at least out of what I've seen, and I look forward to trying to get into the multiplayer once I have a PC that can actually run this thing right.

  • Screw the haters. This is a good game.

  • Maybe this is nostalgia, but I really enjoy GoldenEye.

  • Ugh. This game. I still want a Wii version, but even without one, this game is amazing.

  • All the guild stuff is what sold me on this game. It looks awesome. It's sort of strange putting a game on here that I haven't actually played, but I feel like I've seen enough of it to make the call.

  • A great 2D platformer, if not the best of the year.

  • I have always loved Mega Man games, and this might be the best in the series, although I still like Mega Man 2 more.