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Every Ten Hours: The Next Ten Hours (Part 2, Slight Spoilers)


Well since Part 1 was a load of ass, I've decided to actually try and write this. Part 1 is like the half-assed pilot episode of a daring new series, and now Part 2 is going to be an awesome, effort filled episode that will keep you watching... or reading, hopefully. I felt like I did quite a bit in this ten hour section. I joined the Thieves Guild, The College of Witerhold, cleared out a Dwemer ruin, fought even more awesome dragons and, lets just say, found that special someone.

The College of Winterhold

Oops... this should be in part 3...
Oops... this should be in part 3...

If you read part 1, I did eventually get to Windhelm... well kind of, I made it to the stables before I jumped into the back of a cart and traveled to Winterhold. It was deep within the frozen tundra that covers at least half of Skyrim, the city was small, and for good reason. A long time ago 'The Great Collapse' occurred, when the sea battered the cliffs on which Winterhold was situated on. The entire city was gone in a matter of days, leaving only the College still standing. Some blame the mages, but some think it was the eruption of Red Mountain. I continued towards the college, when I approached the bridge that linked the College to Winterhold an Altmer spoke to me. I asked if I could join and she told me to cast a fear spell on the section of flooring in front of her. I didn't have a fear spell, but she, rather conveniently, said she also had the spell I needed and would give it to me for 30 gold. She could have squeezed me for much more, I had around 12k, but she didn't. I cast the spell on the plate which glowed white, and then she said something about something and allowed me into the College. I spoke to a female Breton (I think) and she said I had to be shown around the College (thankfully just the exterior). I was then allowed into the Hall of Elements because Tolfdir, a mage, was giving the newest members a lecture. I joined them and listened to him talk. They began to argue with the mage, saying that they were here to better their magic instead of sit on it. Tolfdir spoke to me, I went with the herd, and said we should be doing semi-dangerous tests. I was volunteered and had to cast a ward spell (a magical shield spell) while Tolfdir fired fire at me. After the little 'training' session, a report of Saarthol came up. Tolfdir said this was a perfect opportunity to give some new recruits a bit of experience. But, unfortunately, Saarthol was an undiscoverd location quite high up in the mountains, I couldn't be asked to go there and so the quest lies dormant... maybe in the next ten hours?

The Thieves Guild and The Black-Brier Family

After exploring the arctic tundra (Mighty Boosh, anyone?), finding a ship wreck and being killed twice by the first Orsimer (Orc) I had ever seen in Skyrim, I returned to Winterhold, sold a crap load of loot and then jumped back into the horse-drawn cart and went to Riften. Skipping straight to the point I met a man named Brynjolf who said I hadn't worked a day in my life for all the gold I had. He was right, dragons didn't take that long to kill. He was implying I had stolen it and offered me a place in the Thieves Guild. All I had to do was steal from some guys Strongbox (from under his crappy little stall), a ring in particular and then reverse-pickpocket it onto another Dunmer. I did it quickly and quietly while Brynjolf tried to sell a potion with Falmer blood in it. I returned to him and he said I had to get to the Ragged Flagon, and if I did, I would be a member of the guild. The Ratways were the only obstacle. A series of old, dis-used (possibly still in use?) sewers that should of been a deadly labyrinth filled with bandits, people who had failed to get into the guild. I got through the Ratways in a minute, it was a straight forward path and the bandits succumbed to a fiery death quickly. I made it in and was greeted by a whole load of initiation crap. I got some thieves guild armour, after a good 10 minutes of looking for Tonilia, and sold a lot of stolen items that were weighing me down. I went back to Brynjolf to see about a job. He said three locals had been ignoring the guild. A local inn keeper and two merchants weren't paying a 'debt' all businesses in Riften payed. Aparently they all had their weaknesses, the local inn-keeper's, an argonian name Keerava, wasn't obvious so I had to speak to her lizard husband (fiancee really). Apparently the rest of her family lived near the Cyrodiil-Morrowind border, I spoke to her and said I knew where the farm was. She caved and gave me the gold. A shop keeper, Bersi Honey-Hand, had a Dwemer urn as a centre piece for his shop. I destroyed it and he gave me the money, then continued to moan that it was priceless. And finally Haelga, her weakness was a golden statuette of Dibella who she worshiped. I said I had the statue and she gave me the money. I returned to the Thieves Guild and was paid quite handsomely. My next quest was to 'send a message' to a former colleague of the guild who had recently cut them out of their dealings.

Maven Black-Brier
Maven Black-Brier

Goldenglow estate was pretty much a small island fort with single bridge in and an army of hired mercenaries. First time I swam to the side of the area, jumped up and began to burn down 3 bee-hives. Some mercs noticed me and quickly killed me. The second time I ran straight into the closed gate on the bridge. It opened and released about 7 mercenaries. I soon found my self running around the island in a circle while flaming them and going 'Fus!' (Sonicboom in dragon tongue, or so I heard) to them. I eventually killed them, looted their corpeses and decided I shouldn't leave any evidence. So I dragged their bodies into the river and let them float away, severely traumatizing the next child that saw them in a far off village. I continued to go inside the Goldenglow building and steal a number of business records and correspondence letters. I returned to the Guild and they noticed the letters had a funny symbol on them, perhaps leading to the reason why Goldenglow estate was cutting the Guild off?

Next, I had to speak to Maven Black-Brier, the head of the powerful and rich Black-Brier family (who supposedly controlled Riften). In short, she said 'There's only one rule in Riften; don't fuck with Maven.' (with me going 'We have similar rules then' and jumping back on the Normandy) and that I should go to Honningbrew to eliminate a successful rival buisness. I had already found Honningbrew thanks to my 'rapid-river ride' from Riverwood. I traveled there and told the owner I had come to sort out the skeever (Giant Rat) problem, for good. He gave me a key to access the part of the brewery that had been infested and so I took on a perilous journey to rid Honningbrew of Skeevers. I went through a large series of tunnels, and a large number of deaths (skeevers and frostbite spiders are deadly) I reached the nest. But someone was defending the nest with a powerful dagger and high level frost spells. He killed me twice before I flamed his ass, thu'um-ed him and ran around before repeating. I killed him and found a journal. Apparently he was kicked out of the College for experimenting on live subjects, he then went crazy and tried to create an army of Skeevers using an ingredient from the mead. Carrying on I went into the boiling room of Honningbrew, the tunnel connecting to the room, conveniently for me. I put some of the Skeever poison into the vat of specially made mead for an Imperial captain to prove the owner had sorted out the pest problem (and if he hadn't... don't drop the soap). I returned to the main building and told the owner I had sorted the problem out, he then said I should stay to see what the captain thought of the mead. Long story short, the captain thought it tasted awful and then arrested the owner leaving me to loot his business records and return to Maven. After being rewarded I went back to the Guild, apparently a letter I had looted had the same symbol as another letter. But this time they had given something away, a name was on it and it was an alias that a client had used before. An Argonian name Gulum-Ei. I left the quest hanging there.

The Boy With a Wish For Death

Damn... I knew I should of closed the curtains...
Damn... I knew I should of closed the curtains...

My travels soon took me back to Windhelm where rumours of an orphan boy praying for the Dark Brotherhood to come and assist him, were spreading. I broke into the house and spoke to him, he seemed overjoyed, thinking I was the Dark Brotherhood associate he had been calling for. I went along with it and he asked me to go to his orphanage in Solitude and kill Grelod the Kind. She owned the orphanage, and a few hours later I found out she really wasn't kind. She sent the Orphans to bed, after berating them about being ungrateful douchebags, and it gave me a chance to sneak attack her. A single swing with my Superior (oh yeah, I kind of upgrade all my armour and weapons to superior) Skyforge Steel with a 2x sneak attack and she was down. The orphans instantly woke up and surrounded Grelod. They began to cheer, whereas the assistant began to run around in circles saying 'I submit' and 'I am clearly no match for you!'. After a couple of hours a courier approached me in Riften. He said 'there's a letter for you... here it is... from a man in a black hood, couldn't see his face at all'. I looked at the letter and saw a (The) Black Hand print accompanied with 'We Know...'. Probably those Dark Brotherhood fellas trying to get in touch with me. After that, I approached Mjoll the Lioness and began to talk about Grimsever.

Mjoll's Dilemma

Mjoll the Lioness was the local 'protector' of Riften. Basically she was like the entire town guard in one body. I spoke to her and she had a problem, she had lost her sword, Grimsever, in an ancient Dwemer ruin. I agreed to help and soon made my way into the very heart of the frozen tundra and eventually found the ruin, it was covered in bandits who were camping in the high towers of the ruin. After killing the band of... bandits, I went inside the ruin where more bandits lurked. I killed them, and then a mysterious enemy appeared. Out of a steel tube a sphere popped out. It unfolded into a humanoid machine with wheels. I was pretty amazed by their little spawning animation, it got a few good hits on me. I woke back up and attacked. It appeared all Dwemer automatons were resistant to magic and physical damage. Meaning it took a good deal of damage to kill them. I got through them and went into a larger section of ruin that was inhabited by the ancient and thought-to-be-extinct Falmer. They were pale and beast like, but they were weak. I quickly marched through their home and went back into the Dwemer ruin. The quest marker was close, I walked towards it and saw the machine that almost killed Mjoll. The Dwemer Centurion. It was a massive beast of metal and steam. I got too close to it and it one hitted me into Oblivion. I tried about five times before I kited it up some stairs and then jumped down whilst using a bow. Eventually I killed it and retrieved Grimsever. I returned to Mjoll and collected me reward of gold and a new companion. Unfortunately Faendal was already with me, and I didn't want him to go back the Riverwood since he was carrying a crap-ton of dragon scales and dragon bones.

Froki, The Hunter

Close to the end of my ten hours I found a shack close to the peak of a mountain. I entered and found a cynical old man and a boy who said 'I'm twelve years old and I could take you'. I spoke to the old man and he berated me about my beliefs in the Eight Divines, I said I didn't believe in them and he said the only true god out their was Kyne, the goddess of hunters. I asked if I could prove myself to Kyne and he said I had to kill some animal guardians. I had to kill a Skeever guardian, a wolf guardian and a... mudcrab guardian. I went to the wolf guardian first and went in with my sword. The wolf hit pretty heavily, but I continued to hack away at its ethereal head. After I killed it I went to the Skeever guardian, this time it was very weak, but because I forgot to heal I almost died. Finally I had to kill the Mudcrab Guardian. Following the pattern of the Guardians, it was much bigger than the mudcrab brethren that surrounded it, but what made this particularly noteworthy was the corpse of a gigantic mudcrab (about the same height as the player) next to it. I returned to Froki and told him I had killed the Guardians, he then gave me three more to kill. A bear, a sabrecat and a mammoth. I went to the bear first, but it killed me thrice before I was able to jump onto a ledge it couldn't get up, allowing me to 'pot shot' it. Next was the sabrecat, which had made its den in the frozen tundra. I traveled to Forsaken mine where I was attacked by two Blood Dragons. It's not everyday you encounter the icon of an RPG franchise published by E.A., let alone kill them. I continued on my path and encountered some wisps. They were harmless, but then I encountered the 'wispmother' who proceeded to kick my ass twice, before I decided to just avoid that area entirely. I eventually killed the sabrecat and went to the Mammoth's location. My previous experience was being on hitted by them, or their giant buddies (well, now I'm the first man on the moon, there's a bear here as well!). This time I jumped onto a ledge it couldn't get on (a rather dishonorable way to fight, but getting one hitted 4 times is not fun) and 'pot shot-ed' it. I returned to Froki who then gave me the ultimate task. To kill the Troll Guardian. I traveled to the cave and was instantly attacked by it and its troll friends. After three tries, I didn't want to feed the Troll any more, and just left.

That Special Someone

After I went to High Hrothgar (not much to say, learnt some words and left) I met an Inn Keeper (a male nord) and he said he needed help with a local barrow that was 'haunted'. I checked it out and discovered some douche was using a potion to look like a spirit to keep the local nords away while he searched for the dragon claw that opened the barrow. He eventually went insane, and then I came along and killed him. I went back to the Inn Keeper and he gave me the claw to open the barrow. He then became 'vary friendly' and as I was... skipping lots of dialogue... I...errr... accidentally proposed to him and he accepted... I went to Riften, thinking I asked to marry one of his daughters and when I waited in the church, he walked down the isle. Now, I'm not against civil partnerships, but what really made me annoyed was the fact he was a useless NPC. When you marry someone they can sometimes become your follower as well. This means they can carry stuff and provide actual combat help, whereas this Inn Keeper just stayed in his Inn all day everyday... The most annoying thing was, it was all an accident. Oh well, we all make that first play-through mistake, right?

Stats so far...

Dragons killed: 9

Diseases contracted: 2 (the same disease twice)

Dwemer ruins explored: 1

Dark Brotherhood joined: Nay

College of Winterhold: Yay.

The Companions: Yay.

Man-wives: 1

Until next time, and remember a guard might get nervous when a man approaches with his weapon drawn...