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Every Ten Hours: The Twelve Hour Special (Part 4, spoilers)


This Twelve Hour 'special' is certainly something. In this part I kill some bad dudes for some bad dudes, get some wolf blood in me, go to Labyrinthian, get the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller and encounter Alduin. I also lose a bit of time... damn autosaves...

Two Hours... Gone.

To fully explain the twelve hour special, I have to start with the . I left the quest hanging after being told to go to an ancient Nord Bard burial hall. Apparently the Nords were famous for there Bardic Warriors. Brave men who fought crushing battles and then survived to write about it. This burial hall contained one of the original King Olaf's Verse, which was crucial on persuading the High Queen that the Burning of King Olaf event was one to tarnish false kings. I made my way to the Nordic cairn and entered. As soon as I was in I saw a strange spirit walking through the corridors. I followed it before it walked straight through a closed gate. Suddenly coffins around the room starting to spew out Restless Draughr, which I quickly killed with my Epic Glass Mace and Sword. A chain hung next to the gate and I pulled, expecting a trap I instinctively stepped backwards. No trap. I continued on through the corridors, killing Draughr after Draughr, until I reached a strange room. The room was compartmentalized, and each compartment was sealed. To get through the room I had to pull a number of chains which moved a giant mechanism, allowing me to move in between the compartments. The 'maze' was infested with draughr, but I still carved my way through them and their ancient traps. I, eventually, made it to a large room with two pits. Locked gates stopped me from falling in, along with a friendly encounter with some frostbite spiders. After killing the spiders I spent a good few minutes (something like 10) looking for a way to open the gate that covered the pit. I found a chain and proceeded to jump into the watery pit. After a few cavernous rooms, I made my way to the end of a long corridor and saw a handle on a rock wall. The wall lowered and revealed the ghost sitting beside a skeleton, Svaknir. I searched the skeleton and got the original verse, however there was a lot of text blacked out... The ghost disappeared, and I looked around trying to figure out what to do next.

I ran back through the corridor and found myself back at a magically sealed door. The ghost was waiting, and then unlocked the door. I ran through and found myself blocked by a puzzle door. I had the dragon claw (must have picked it up from somewhere) and unlocked the door. Behind the door was a large throne room, Draughr sat in thrones in a large circle and the ghost of Svaknir readied for battle. 'Olaf! It is time!' he called out. Suddenly Draughr began to rise from their thrones, but Svaknir killed them quickly. After all the Draughr were dead, Svaknir walked up some steps and then said 'Arise, Olaf! My vengeance is at hand!', a black coffin burst open and Olaf One-eye stepped out. Svaknir attacked Olaf straight away, whereas I ran off to heal after taking a single hit from him. I ran back up and Svaknir had almost killed Olaf. I ran in with my mace and sword and finisher'd Olaf. I looted the Draughr and got a treasury key. I found a dragon wall and got the second word to Whirlwind Sprint. Svaknir disappeared and I left the barrow through a room full of treasure. I fast traveled to Solitude to return to the . I gave the verse to Viramo and he soon complained about how some of it was missing. So we did a bit of improvisation and then made our way to the High Queen in the . After Viramo performed the verse, he told me to go Jorn to tell him that the ceremony was back on.

Painful then. Painful now.
Painful then. Painful now.

Instead, I went off did a lot of stuff, did some thieves guild jobs, cleared out a couple dungeons and then went to the Bee and in Riften. I asked if there were any jobs available and I was given a note the town guard left in the inn. It was to kill a dragon, easy enough. I made my way to the lair, a small path wound up the mountain. I was only a few meters away from the lair and... BAM, some crazy stick fired out a frost spell and instantly killed me. I was fine with it, all those autosaves I had, every five minutes. I went to load up my last autosave (pretty much just before the insta-kill stick). 'Select save device'. 'Hard Drive'. Two hours... all that thieves guild crap I can't even remember anymore... gone. Why? I saw the damn game autosaving all the time! Where the hell was it saving?! Anyway, after raging out a bit, I decided to complete the quest, partly because I couldn't remember what I did and partly because I couldn't be asked. So I went to the King Burning Ceremony and joined the .

The Last Sanctuary In All of Tamriel

After getting my ass kicked by an inanimate object (both in game and real life), I decided to go see what the Dark Brotherhood was all about. I went back to their sanctuary and saw Astrid. She spoke to me. 'Blah, blah, blah, here's some dark brotherhood armour, speak to some guy' is the basic outline I remember of what Astrid said. I ran through a corridor and found myself in a large cavern. Several of the Dark Brotherhood members were stood around in a circle, chatting about their last assassination. After they dispersed I found a Redguard name Nazir. He instructed me about the basics of how I should turn in my marks, and then gave me three marked people. Narfi, a homeless Nord in Ivarstead, Beitild, the owner of a mining business in Dawnstar and Ennodius Papius, some guy at Anga's Mill. First, I went to Ivarstead. Narfi seemed like an easy target since he lived in the ruins of a house on the outskirts of the village and he was all alone. Second, I had to kill Beitild. She was the ex-wife of a Nord who ran a mining business in Dawnstar, long story short, they split up and she made her own business. I had to kill her. She spent most of her day just standing around outside her mine surrounded by guards and workers. After attempting to kill her a couple times, I decided to speak to her and see if I could get her to attack me. I spoke to her and told her I was from the Dark Bro'hood and she began to fight me. The guards did nothing while I bloodied my mace since it was self defense. Finally, Ennodius Papius. I had already found Anga's Mill and so instantly fast traveled there. For most of the day he just stood around the mill, not doing much. I crouched down about 100 meters away and used my bow. The arrow hit Ennodius in the head and scored a 2x sneak attack. I returned to Nazir, and got my pay.

The Story?

After a while I got bored of doing side-quests I decided to continue with the main story. I had to retrieve the horn of Jurgen Windcaller. Sounded easy enough, except for the fact he was an ancient duder that did something really cool with some dragon shouts (use them for the worship of Akatosh or something). This meant he/his belongings were going to be safely tucked away in a Cairn full of Draughr and traps. And I hadn't discovered the barrow he/his horn was stored in. To say the least, it was a grueling journey. When I made it to the ancient burial hall, I was attacked by skeletons. Not much, one hit each. Nothing compared to some of the monstrously durable skeletons in Oblivon, and Morrowind. I entered Ustengrav and was prompted by a large chasm with a singe waterfall ran down the side. A number of stone bridges completed a path that snaked its way down the chasm. After some skeletons, a bit of underground fort crawling and dying because I jumped down into some shallow water, I saw a Word wall. I went down and absorbed the word, the first word of 'Become Etheral'. It was pretty cool since I couldn't take damage, and then it sucked since I couldn't do damage. After a bit of crawling, I made it to an odd room. Three stones were in the middle of the room and the corridor I had to use was blocked with gates. I stepped past the stones and they lit up red, the gates opened, I stepped back and watched for a minute. They switched back to their faint blue colour. I had to switch them all to red and get through the gates? Interesting. Maybe a shout would help? Within seconds I whirlwind sprinted myself past the stones and through the gates. Next was some crappy fire trap with some spiders. <Skip ahead a few minutes> I'm faced by a bridge and the horn of Jurgen. I step forwar and 4 eagle-head-rune-stone rose out of the water. Somewhere, an Engineer went 'Erectin' some eagle heads'. I went across to the altar/coffin thing and looked at the hand that should of been holding the horn. Instead a note laid in the clutch of the stone hand. 'Meet me at the Sleeping Giant Inn'. And so I was off to Riverwood to meet this mysterious thief. I went into the Sleeping Giant. It was, for some very strange reason, it was the very first time I had ever entered this tavern. My pub crawl was going horribly wrong. I went in and spoke to Delphine, a Nord who had a quest marker over her head. She said something along the lines of 'it's not safe here, follow me'. So I followed her into a secret basement of the Sleeping Giant. It was picked with books, potions and even had an alchemy and enchantment table. I spoke to her and she began questioning me about being the Dovahkiin. After a few minutes of her blathering on and looking at an empty table (stole the map, broke the game) she told me to go to kynesgrove. Apparently some duded had been going aroun resurrecting Dragons from their ancient burial grounds. And this is why the dragons were returning. They didn't come back, apparently the Blades went on a burning, war filled campaign through Skyrim to kill all the dragons. They then buried them in sacred ground so they couldn't come back.

I hadn't discovered kynesgrove, so I went out and sprinted/shouted my way there. When I got there it seemed like a normal village. Then I traveled a bit up a hill and saw I was standing on a mound. All of a sudden, burst of blue stuff started to hit the mound. I turned around and saw Alduin, the world eater. I crapped myself and began to fire all I had at him. When he flew off, that's when I realized I couldn't hurt him, the dragon I had to kill was Sahloknir. He was crawling out of the dirt below my feet. I ran to Kynesgrove and began pelting the dragon with arrows. But its mighty frost breath decimated my health, my healing spells where no match. So I decided to, being a very cheap player, decided to run to Windhelm. It was the closest city there was. I was halfway there when I realized Sahloknir's health bar was going down very slowly, so I ran back. I found him fighting a giant, the giant gave the dragon an early death and I then killed the giant. After looting there corpses and shifting some of the weight to my partner, Delphine appeared and spoke to me. She said something about me really being the Dovahkiin, blah, blah, blah, Sleeping Giant. I go back to Riverwood to meet her and she tells me to go to the Thalmor Embassy. And that is where I left it hanging.

Dicking Around

On my travels I've seen some pretty awesome stuff, but nothing quite compares to some of the glitchy things I've done.

Under 'special' request, I decided to slide a wolf down a mountain. And then I thought 'a wolf? Wolves are for pussies, something much bigger...'. And so I went to a giant camp that was 'quite close' to the edge of a mountain, killed them and looted their mammoth cheese. Next I spent about 20 minutes dragging a giant corpse over to the very edge of the mountain and jumped on to give it a final push. 'Thanks' to some bugs I ended up getting stuck to the giant and, well, snowboarding my way down a mountain. (Minus the death and save that was from around 30 minutes back, it was pretty funny).

Well, that's it, for now. Can't really remember much else for the 'Dicking Around' section.

Stats so Far...

Dragons Killed: 18

All Guilds Joined: Yay

Thalmor Ass Kicked: Nay

Dragons Killed: Kind of lost count...

Guild Questlines completed: 1

Well that's it for today... this week... this month... or however long its been since the last Every Ten Hours.

P.S. At the moment its kind of Controlled Assessment/Exam season at my school, so I'm pretty busy and don't really get much time to myself, and when I do I don't spend too much time writing this. Plus it takes hours to remember and write everything up, plus I don't always write up everything on time (I've done about 54 hours) but I'm forcing myself to write this up before playing any more Skyrim. On the other hand, Saints Row 3 should be here tomorrow and I intend to play it for ages.

I'll be lucky if I write up part 5 before Christmas, sorry for the wait guys, but there's going to be a lot more.