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Regrettable Steam Purchases

Like 99.99% of all Americans, I'm a complete sucker for a sale.  Nothing gets me to spend money faster than saying something slightly desirable is cheaper than normal.  Combine this with the ease of use of Steam, and it's an absolute disaster.  Disaster in my wallet, disaster on my hard drive, disaster in the budget.  You get the idea.  
Now a good number of these purchases have been great and I've gotten thousands of hours of play time out of them.  Prime examples are Global Agenda at $20 turning into 700 hours of play.  But this list is not for them.  This list is about all those games I regret.

List items

  • Bought for $5 (75% off). Installed once. Played for 1 hour.

    I already owned this game. It's sitting in a CD holder inside my laptop bag leaning against my desktop. But for some reason I felt compelled to buy it again. Beyond that, you really can't go back to Rapture after the Andrew Ryan sequence, so this was a complete waste of cash.

  • Bought for $5 (50% off). Never installed. Never played.

    Vinny said it was a great game for evoking emotion. I've never felt the emotional call to install or even give it a chance.

  • Bought for $5 (75% off). Installed once. Played for 1.25 hours.

    Brad made this game out to be something special and amazing. He was totally wrong. It was boring. It didn't look that good The controls were imprecise enough to make me feel like I was controlling a noodle. Completely not worth it.

  • Bought for $15 (50% off). Installed once. Played for 1.5 hours.

    I loved Creative Assembly's Medieval games. They were fun for me in all phases. But for some reason Empire just didn't click for me. Apparently I just like dudes with swords running at each other more than I like dudes with rifles having a staring contest.

  • Bought for $7.50 (75% off) as a package deal. Installed once. Played for 45 minutes.

    I thought I was getting Diablo out of this purchase, but instead it was a very rigid third person RPG that did not feel flexible in the least.