Zelda stream delayed. In the mean time: How about some Deus Ex?

With Link's Awakening (DX) and the two Oracle games now out of the way , I'm well on my way to completing the " current objective" I set late last month.  For those of you who haven't been following, I'll just quickly mention that it's my intent to gradually complete each and every Zelda game I can get my hands on, while showing as much of the process as I can over a live stream.

Of course whenever someone sets out to accomplish such a large task, it's inevitable that there will be some snags and delays.  In this case, I'm extremely lucky to have it be the "good" sort of delay.   I've been blessed with a rare opportunity:  An all expense paid, two month euro-rail ticket to the entire European continent.  That's right, I'm going to Europe for two months.  Having never been across the ocean, I'm immensely excited. I've been told it can be a life changing experience, with family suggesting I start a separate blog just to detail the journey.  While I consider this, I just want to say for the purpose of this blog that I haven't abandoned my stream or my desire to play every Zelda game known to man.  I'm still just as intent as I ever was to play these games, and I still fully intend to stream them live over the internet for anyone who would like to watch. 

The next game on the list is Minish Cap, and then the plan is to go back to the roots with the original Legend of Zelda.  My very first Wii is expected to arrive in the mail any day now, and just this morning I received The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition (four pack with LoZ, Zelda 2, OoT and MM made for GameCube) from Amazon.  A couple days ago I also happened to find a copy of Wind Waker for 20 bucks at an independent used game store.  Now that I've picked all these up, the only thing remaining is a capture card to allow me to stream these games, along with the virtual purchase of A Link to the Past. (A viewer has kindly offered to lend me Twilight Princess.  Thanks Rudy!).  If everything goes according to plan,  I should be prepared to jump back on the Zelda train in August, when I return from the trip.

Another key note.  My plane is set to leave from Chicago and land in Netherlands on June 2nd.  This isn't enough time to complete any of of the Zelda games in their entirety, and even if it was I wouldn't want to rush.  So I have roughly two weeks of time to kill.   In between packing in the mean time before I leave, why not stream some PC games?  Zelda isn't the only franchise I'm currently interested in, and it looks like Deus Ex: Human Revolution is set for release around the time I'll get back.  The original Deus Ex has always been a favorite of mine, and I'm almost positive I could finish my current run in the remaining time before I depart.  Who knows maybe by the time I'm back we'll do a Human Revolution run before getting back into the kiddy stuff.