Stories have to develop to please gamers.

    When you think of games, you think of stories and the gameplay it self, but if you think of the start of gaming they always had little stories in them, but people at the time didn't really notice because of the awe inspiring technology, but now as games slowly develop, they got a lot more complex from the simple "save the princess." to numerous lore created from one short indie game that is full of passionate to the mainstream game that still make new worlds and characters for the player to consume in all of if's great glory. This has made gamers expected more then one sentence plots to a whole pages and pages full of thick plot, but as some games still think it's okay to have the simple plots, which in some cases can be a good thing if the game is full of fun action to immerse the player in. but then we have some games that take forever and when released it is to put it simply "shit" *cough**cough* Duke *cough* Nukem this is a game that is stuck in it's time period. to rap it all off in a few simple words  Stories have to develop to please gamers.       


I miss doing this type of thing

So I'm back into the site (for like have many times has he come back) well, I got my internet back after almost three weeks, it sucked because I wanted to go on the site and be on the forums or listen to music while on the forums, have some whiskey, beer, and wine alone sadly but still I have all the gamers on this site the are clever unlike me. but yeah has anyone ever been recognize by a stripper also has anyone been to the same strip club for the same chick, if you said yes to any of these than I got to say ypu my friend are......... fucking awesome. (sorry for the short blog post)  


Video Game Music, How it changed me.

From Mario to Deadly Premonitions whistle theme, they all got stuck in my head, I really didn't know why I loved 8-bit music and new video game scores, in til a little while a go it was magnificent hearing the tension build up for mega man 2's theme, hearing the bleeps and bloops say 20XX, and then it gets all hyped I love it. Now a super manly theme Contra, it starts off with duh, duh, dun, duh, and Explosion, but the same thing with mega man 2 it gets super hype to a point where I think it's actually instruments!(it sounds stupid I know.) Metroid it was really different for me because it wasn't like Contra and Mega Man 2's theme it stayed pretty tame and quiet to create an bloodcurdling and eerie mood. Blaster Master's theme was like both of the previously mention theme's but started some what on the scale of mysterious and adventurous (more adventurous) But I will always love old 8-bit music and how much they hyped me for the great game I was about and I'm not going to talk about credits!     


A blog is a blog not a thread but it turns out to be a thread!

It's starting to tick me off I put a blog post so I can talk to the few followers I have, but at the same time it's great because some people find me, but still having a mod on you because your talking about a topic that is already in the forums is kinda unfair because this is a BLOG post not a thread, there's probably a way to make it just a blog post and not a thread at the same time, also we can't have multiples of the same topic, why? I feel kinda in the dumps.   


Sony got hacked (again yes I'm serious)

         Wow. That's pretty pathetic on Sony's part, but the story itself is pretty ridiculous. The group  Lulzsec decided to hack Sony to show how they are a terrible company, by taking one million usernames and passwords some of them government or military usernames and passwords, how do I know this you ask because it has .gov or .mil if they used PSN. Apparently it works and people part of the military,government, and PSN as a whole, have been taken, but the good news is Mark Zuckerberg or some staff member heard about the incident and grab the list (yes there was a list, did I mention that, no? Okay moving) and they secured every one of their facebook accounts, so that way they couldn't get hack into, you have to type in a old password or some thing like that.  FaceBook actually doing something good for once and not making people ever get off facebook, Yay!


E3 E3 E3 E3 E3 E3 E3 E3 E3, AWESOME!

E3  has taken over a lot of peoples lives this week, I can't wait! It's going to be fascinating to see what the GB crew and actually even E3 itself, because for me I get hyped and when I go or watch it, I get the feeling when the shows starts "YA, THIS GOING TO BE AMAZING!" after a couple of hours and in-til the end of the show I have the feeling of "Meh, it could of been so much more then it was" and to be honest  something happens that you just do this:----------------------------->

Epic Brad face-palm, then you say a bunch of times to yourself
Epic Brad face-palm, then you say a bunch of times to yourself "really, really, really" *grabs a bottle of beer*
  Happy Hour can happen any time, right, hell yeah  I"m right! Also something that can happen is bugs with the actual show, like with a game, the creators of so said game are like "this will revolutionize the gaming industry" and my reaction "Yeah right it's going to be some gimmicky function that will never be used in any another game."  also the games they reveal put a big smile on my face I get the reaction when the reveal what game in going to be released "it should of waited in-til E3'XX". But ever body that's going this year have a great time! 


          This was the first site that I ever joined like this, but after doing a bunch of quests, I got bored so I look for all the staff members, their actual profile and wiki. I found this awe-inspiring or to put it in internet terms awesome band midnight brown, and it has this guy Jeff Gerstmann I don't know if anyone knows this guy? But if they do can you tell me who is he?

         I thought I wasn't a hipster in til I saw this.
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I was terrified, this was no joke. So I became a real hipster, can any one help me!                                                                                      (JK)