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Super Quarian Ball

 So I was having a conversation with a couple of friends today, and Mass Effect 2 came up, because me and one of my buddies are huge fans of it, and like finding any excuse we can to talk about it.

For whatever reason, we start talking about the Quarians, and one of my friends who hasn’t paid much attention to the games asks what they do in regards to giving birth and protecting their young from infection. So we start filling him in about our lame and boring knowledge that Quarians have to live in bubbles when they’re children.

Then everything went off rails when the comparison was made to the fact that Quarian children basically live in hamster balls. I suggested that playgrounds for young Quarians basically consist of configurations of half pipes and tubes…

And that of course leads me to believe that there needs to be a Super Monkey ball style game featuring Quarians.

Think about it.

 You are sitting on a goldmine BioWare... A GOLDMINE!
 You are sitting on a goldmine BioWare... A GOLDMINE!