Characters I would want in a potential Avengers vs Street Fighter game.

Playing Marvel Vs Capcom Origins, made me wish Capcom would do an update to the simpler 2 on 2 Fighting game in the Marvel crossover franchise. I was thinking they could use X-Men vs Street Fighter as a model for a more down to earth Marvel Versus game. Though since they can't use X-Men, in keeping with the idea of a section of the Marvel universe and a section of the Capcom universe, I thought it would interesting if they made an Avengers Vs. Street Fighter game. Aside from the 2 on 2 nature of the game, two other key factors should differentiate this game from Marvel Vs. Capcom 3:

  1. No Assists, though tags and duo hyper combos included though.
  2. Smaller number of characters. (My picks listed below)

List items