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GOTY 2011

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  • Portal 2 features some of the most clever puzzle design in any game. Wrap these puzzles in one of the funniest game scripts outside a LucasArts adventure game and you have my favorite game in years.

  • Due to some unexpected spoilers earlier in the year, I almost didn't play Ghost Trick at all. What a shame that would of been. The animation, music, story, puzzles, and characters all come together to make a truly remarkable game.

  • Saints Row: The Third is fucking insane. It's also the most fun I had with a open world game in ages.

  • After spending almost a hundred hours exploring Skyrim, I could easily see myself spending a hundred more completing everything this game has to offer.

  • There weren't a lot of times playing through Rayman: Origins where I didn't have a big grin on my face. You can almost feel the love oozing out of every single gorgeous animation. It doesn't hurt that it's just a joy to play.

  • From the amazing soundtrack to the wonderful narration, Bastion is one hell of a game.

  • With a campaign that is easily better than the first two and the discovery of my love of Horde Mode, it's pretty easy to put Gears 3 on this list.

  • Being Batman is one hell of a time. You can't help but feel like the biggest badass while pummeling the hundreds of worthless henchman thrown at you. I didn't quite like Arkham City as much as Asylum, but it's still some of the most fun I had this year.

  • While the voice acting is a little hit-or-miss and the character portraits are close to being horrendous, Gemini Rue features one of the best stories of the year. I'm a real sucker for a good point-n-click adventure game and this fits that description perfectly.

  • This game makes me want to give Suda 51 and Shinji Mikami a big hug.