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It means that the EU is now, theoretically, unshackled from the "no post-RotJ material" mandate.

In other words, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

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Y'know, every other game would be shit on if you had to play it for a quarter of a fucking day before it became fun.

Why does AC3 suddenly get a pass.

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Now you too can witness one of the greatest disappointments of the last decade!

It wasn't one of the greatest disappointments. Even with all of the missing content and bugs, the story still went above and beyond anything that Star Wars had ever done, or will do in the future. The way it muddled the line between the Light and Dark sides and explored what the Force, or the wielding of, did to the psyche was incredible.

I found the game to be terrible. After loving KOTOR 1, I didn't even finish KOTOR 2.

I think it was the part where you step off the ship and some thugs are beating up a kid, and then you save him and wind up getting dark side points because you didn't teach him a lesson about self reliance and he wound up getting even more beat up later, or something like that, where I was like "this game is just stupid" and quit. It was clearly way too up it's own butt.

Ah...how dare they include thoughtful writing other than the usual trite "Jedi is good" and "Sith is bad" ideology that we've seen a million times already. How dare they even try to question the player's actions and make you think about what you're actually accomplishing in the game. How dare they write a complex story and question the morals of the Jedi, showing that not all Jedi are good people, and not all Light Side options work in your favor. How dare they go above and beyond the simplistic writing that Bioware had for KOTOR 1.

You're greatly missing the point. You can't just step into star wars, a story about light and dark, good and bad, and then start trying to make obtuse contcepts about how "maybe bad isn't really bad". That's no the story. That's not star wars.

And in order to try to make the point that doesn't belong in the world they were playing in, they essentially broke the system so that you didn't even know WHAT the effect of your decisions would be. Suddenly the force because this obtuse thing that nobody could possibly understand that reacts to your decisions in a way that's completely unpredictable.

That might be interesting to you, but it's NOT star wars.

That's why people loved Planescape. It took D&D and spun its fucking head around until the projectile vomit formed the City of Doors.

KotOR2, especially with the Restored Content Mod, is one of the best games I've ever played. The game has some tech issues, like the game crashing when you try to load a game about 66% of the time (but the game loads up fast enough so whatever), no doubt. But the writing, even outside of Kreia, is second to none.

I'm sorry if you think Darth Malak, who ACTUALLY HAS a fucking villainous monologue to nobody where he laughs like a cartoon villain, is a better character than Sion, Traya, or Nihilus's vastly different characterizations.

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I had a 7.7 magnitude quake.

To you, this storm is the most powerful force on the planet.

To me, it was Monday.

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You need to make a 90-100 will check for it to work.

Most uninjured soldiers have 70, pre Iron Will.

Hence, psi armour will help make up the difference.

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I hope this hack never gets another job in games journalism.

Here's the thing: she's still employed, and Florence is never going to find work again.

So no. In every sense of the word.

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@Tennmuerti said:


I highly advise watching SLush's impossible ironman run where he gets that exact map dealt to him http://www.twitch.tv/slush/b/335748172 about 3:53, as his first terror map of the run. I was honestly expecting him to fail it.

It's great if overly long stream to watch overall. Dude gets super paranoid/OCD as time goes on being super careful with soldiers. He also starts playing totally cool for the first few hours of tries, but as he gets a good game going he becomes more and more emotional. I actually have the stream playing in the background while doing my own impossible/ironman run, to switch to it for the interesting bits.

I should have added "again" to the end of that sentence.

I won it once before, but it ended with 5 people comatose and 10 civilians dead. Turns out, starting all the civilians at the back of the map in the same place doesn't end well.

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Death implies that it's final.

They seem to have be done to the point where they exist now only as a reanimated shambling corpse that, occasionally, emits a brief but nonetheless tortured wail.

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Here's a protip.

If you're on ironman and end up on a map you don't like, alt-tab and close the client through the task manager. Since it only saves at the end of the alien turn (ostensibly your second turn), you can get as many rerolls as you want.

Sleazy as hell, no doubt, but there's not a goddamn chance I'm going to do a terror mission on that tank map.

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@OmegaChosen said:

I didn't realize there was a growing crowd.

The South is (in the process of) rising again.