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So, there are a lot of things I would consider wrong with this list.

  • Get an i7-4770K instead of a i7-3770K. 4XXX series is the current one. It goes under the name Haswell. For games though, an i5-4670K will be more than enough.
  • That cooler is pretty nice. Nothing much to say about it. You do not need the extra tube of thermal paste though, there is some included with the EVO 212.
  • Regarding the Motherboard, you will need to buy a LGA1150 socket one for the Haswell CPU.
  • You don't need 16GB RAM. Buy 2x4GB for 8GB in total, and I would recommend at least DDR3-1600, if not faster. If you find you need more later, just buy another 2x4GB kit and install them.
  • SSD you picked is nice, just don't expect to be able to install a ton of games on it once Windows and the rest of your applications are installed.
  • That HDD is REALLY REALLY EXPENSIVE. Just go to the storage tab and sort by price/gb and pick a Western Digital or Hitachi HDD in an appropriate size.
  • GPU is fine. Easy to buy another 770 or replace later if you want to.
  • Case... Here's my tip, coming from someone who has built probably 20 or so computers in various cases. Get a semi-expensive case. Something like the Fractal Design Define R4 or so (I use that one). Words cant express how much nicer it is to build in a decent case. The things you get range from overall quality (cheap cases often have screw holes just slightly off) to nicely thought out cable management options. The Fractal case I mentioned is also really quiet, which I can not say about the tin can of a case my cousin spent roughly $40 on.
  • PSU... Similar to above. Buy an 80+ rated modular PSU from a company like Corsair, Seasonic, Silverstone etc. Having it be modular isn't a must I suppose, but I would highly recommend it. Just keep in mind that buying a cheap PSU is probably the worst decision you can make. If it breaks there is a good chance it will kill all of your components since it is wired directly to them.
  • Windows... I would pick Professional because then you will not be limited to 16GB of RAM. If Win8 is cheaper then get that, not as bad as people make it out to be and there are plenty of free or very cheap tools that gives you back the start menu.
  • I really do not know anything about monitors unless I am looking to buy one at the moment.
  • You do not need an extra wired network card, unless you know you need one in which case you will ignore this.
  • I don't like wireless networks so I don't really know anything about wireless network cards.
  • Rest of the stuff is so subjective that I don't want to comment. Would recommend buying headphones or, if you must, a headset instead of speakers.

Overall, from your list I gather that you don't really know a lot about computers. I would suggest going to http://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc for help and I would suggest using http://www.logicalincrements.com/ for help picking parts.


Also, there are some good build videos on youtube that might be worth a watch.

Here's one of the ones I like, but there are many more. Just google "PC build video" and watch away. Might be worth adding stuff like your case to the search in case someone has a video using that specific component.


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Managed to make a character on Ultros.

My name is Spis Kummin, at time of writing a level 1 Archer.

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@starfoxa: While I understand why you want to keep using KeePass I'd just like to clarify that both 1Password and Lastpass stores a local copy of your database. 1Password is in essence just a closed-source KeePass.

I personally use Lastpass, but that's just because it's really nice to have it on every device I use without having to share the database file with an application like dropbox.

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@rorie: I'm only talking about sales, not informing you about the game. I agree that a good demo can really help you decide if you like it or not.

Companies in the business of making money don't want to help you decide to not buy something. This is why demos are going away.

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Demos can basically only hurt you when it comes to sales, that's why they are going away.

Anything a good demo can accomplish a good trailer can do as well, and it's not as hard to execute.

And FYI, I don't like it either.

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This here is it.


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I bought it for $10 during the "pay anything" sale.

Was not disappointed.

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I think this mod is great, hopefully all the small nagging issues will get ironed out as they are found.

I have to say though, people complaining that this game is broken are pretty ignorant. From made it clear from the beginning that this was going to be a barebones port. They never claimed anything else. Even so, it is still by far the best version of this game released.

With enough people buying the PC version of Dark Souls, hopefully their next game gets better treatment.

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Origin ID: gelem

Steam ID: test0r

I applied for EU2.