Popular Games I've Somehow Managed to Never Play

While it's damn near impossible to play every game of note that comes out, there are a few that I really do need to get around to. I can't help but wonder if some of these had a window where you could appreciate them but now they would just seem dated. Without further ado, the pile of shame!

List items

  • People go on about this game something fierce. I've never really been a Zelda guy. I think I played a little bit of Link to the Past, but that was ages ago.

  • Apparently this is one of the best RPGs ever made? All I know is, a game featuring a talking floating skull is probably something I should get around to one of these days.

  • I have not earned the right to quote the Konami code, ever. I've played Super C on the SNES, but never played the original.

  • I remember my Sega system-owning heathen friends telling me how awesome this game was.

  • And I call myself an adventure game fan...

  • See? It's all lies.

  • I remember being like 8 and going over to my cousin's house to basically watch him play this for hours, but the wanker never let me have a turn with it.

  • Yeah, I'm one of those people who wasn't mad about the direction Fallout 3 went in because I have no emotional ties to the old games. Don't know if I could go back having put 100 hours or so into Fallout 3.

  • Not a one. Ever. I only found out she's a chick under that suit when I saw a preview of the new one coming out on Wii...kidding.

  • Another revered game that I know almost nothing about.

  • I do enjoy fighting games now and then, but this one slipped by me.

  • I don't feel too guilty about this one. I never heard of it until long after it came out. It was one of those games that people would make comparisons to when they wanted to praise a new release.

  • Look at the friggin cover of the game! It must be awesome, and I don't even like football very much.

  • Games that are used to make a case for games being "art" tend to put me off. Shame, because this is supposed to be a damn good game.

  • Same deal here.

  • I picked this up on DS when it came out, but I still haven't played it. The shame!

  • I like big stompy mechs. How have I managed to miss out on a whole franchise's worth of them?

  • Man, I must secretly have something against Konami. But wait...I love Metal Gear. Maybe it's vampires then.

  • A good friend of mine swears this is the most creative RTS ever made. I remember being in a game store maybe 10 years ago and they had older PC games that were dirt cheap. I had just enough money on me for one. There was this, and "Uprising". I bought Uprising. Whoops.

  • I should probably snap my Mass Effect 2 disc in half as penance.