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My Favorite Games of All Time

As you can tell, I am a Rareware fan haha but here it is

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  • My favorite game of all time! This game fully consists of dialog and action. This is truly a masterpiece of a game that I played 20 times. I know it inside out! I absolutely love what they did with this game, never will see a game like this be played so many times by myself. My favorite story in the Star Wars Universe, my favorite story in any game...ever!

  • Probably the most revolutionary first person shooter ever. Used to play this with my brother a lot and he used to crush me. Now, thanks to Goldeneye Online, I can beat him any day of the week. I would love to see what Modern Warfare 2 would be like without this game being created...

  • The best first-person shooter ever made. Don't agree? I would love to have a debate :) Goldeneye's spiritual sequel is number 3 on my list. A game way ahead of it's time with dialog, cinema cut scenes, and a solid modified GE engine.

  • A Rareware masterpiece, kicked off Banjo and Kazooie's fame. The best 3d platformer.

  • I beat this game dozens of times. Ask anybody, i can beat this game with only 31 stars in under 1 hour (59:55). I know all the games in-game glitches and have played it to 120 countless times. The first 3D-platformer and one of the best.

  • I remember bragging in first grade when I got this game. I thought I was the best player ever just because everyone else was in World 3 when I was in World 6. lol

  • The best Tony Hawk game ever. The first one with a story mode. Gamecube was the best to play Hawk games on.

  • Probably one of the first games I've played on my Super Nintendo. My favorite Zelda game couldn't have gotten much better than this!

  • Yea, the hours I've spent playing my Game Boy Color as a young boy all paid off once I played Pokemon Crystal. My favorite Pokemon game allowed you to go back to Kanto and explore old areas from past Pokemon games. I can now beat this game in 2 sittings :)

  • Another Rare classic! The biggest game ever to be released on the N64. Donkey Kong and his 4 friends try to stop King K. Rool in the biggest adventure of all time. I am going to admit this now, I have not gotten all 201 bananas yet in the 10 years I've played it :P

  • Pokemon Red and Blue might have been the first game I ever played. It sure was a wonderful experience playing these classics. These 2 started it all, the pokemon revolution was about to begin.

  • Donkey Kong's first appearance on the Super Nintendo was one of his best! This game, unlike Mario, used rendered 3D graphics to make a side scrolling monkey adventure!

  • Sorry, Ocarina of Time lovers. This game used to be Number 2, 3 years ago. I never realized how overplayed it was, till I started watching LPers on the internet. One of my favorite Zelda games, love it! Played it with my friend every weekend 3 years ago, classic. I eventually realized that there was only 1 Zelda game better then this.

  • XBOX version. This game is any Star Wars fan's dream. Jedi vs Sith in a war like no other, damn is this good game.

  • I loved this game so much, so much actually to buy it on the Dreamcast and PS1. My childhood was made by this game.

  • Best Mario Kart there is. Loved playing this with my brother back in the day. DONKEY KONG WILL MURDER YOU ON THE TRACK?

  • The craziest platformer I ever played. So funny, so fun. Sequel Rare, now!

  • My first game I had ever gotten on the Gamecube. I used to like Sonic a lot, but as the fanboys multiplied the series got bland and I stopped playing. This is the best Sonic game out there.

  • I used to be obsessed with this port from the Super Nintendo to the GBA! My favorite 2D Mario game, classic.

  • Played this a lot during 3rd grade. Really is a great 3D platformer, really underrated!

  • Sequel to the legendary DKC. Some say it's better than the 1st, but the first is just more fun and a little less frustrating.

  • Another great Tony Hawk game! I played these alot during elementary school and they influenced me to start skateboarding. I stopped now tho :P

  • The best Crash game and the last GOOD Crash game to be made.

  • Sequel to my favorite game of all time. If the Sith Lords wasn't rushed, this game could have had the potential to beat it's predecessor. Too bad lucasarts rushed Obsidian and now there are evident glitches, bugs, incomplete stories, and blackouts. Regardless, its still a great one.

  • My favorite sports game, and ive played a ton of them! The last baseball game to be made by EA sports, and the best!

  • An underrated 3D platformer that is really memorable for me.

  • Best hockey game I ever played. Still buy the NHL titles every year but nothing compares to this one.

  • Lot's of memories playing this game Christmas break of 2010

  • I just recently got this game, it is excellent. What else do you expect from the Goldeneye/Perfect Dark team?!

  • Classic racing game, the first mario kart. And one of the best.

  • One of the best games on the DS. It is by far the best pokemon game on the DS.

  • Got this the same year my little sister was born. Why was I getting gifts for her birth?

  • DS launch title. The only reason I got a DS back in '04