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  • Th3irdEye posted a message on the post Xbox Games Showcase 2020 Live.

    @cikame said:Man compared to the rest of it, why am i the most excited for the CrossfireX campaign? That looked mad polished.Right? I'm in the same boat as you. Thought it looked really nice.

  • Th3irdEye posted a message in the forum topic What's your opinion on Bungie removing content?. on the Destiny 2 board

    I don't get how they think it's OK to take away content that I paid for. Basically most of the base game and first two expansions are being ripped out of the game. I just don't get it. How is that OK...

  • Th3irdEye posted a message on the post 614: The Sonic Bible.

    The most played custom song from beat saber mods is an imagine dragons song. So it makes perfect sense one of the first music packs they release for money would reflect that.

  • Th3irdEye posted a message on the post 05/16/19.

    Ben: Hey, we have a lot of video on this site of people playing Mordhau poorly. Can I play this one since I have played a ton of this game and can potentially show a different side of it?Brad: No, why...

  • Th3irdEye posted a message on the post Box Boy! + Box Girl!.

    @rev408 said:I may be missing something here but is there a way to not watch these on youtube? I'm getting ads despite being a member?Click the 3 dots in the bottom center of the player and click "Bac...