[First Post!] Loving Nintendo Once Again

Nintendo is the company that introduced alot of gamers I know, and I assume tons more, to games, and how you can love them. In a hobby sense of course. With the recent news of the Wii U aiming at the original Nintendo fans, such as the ones who bought the Nintendo 3DS (I enjoying using and having mine on me thoroughly), I am DEFINITELY ready for a modern Xbox or Playstation experience, with Nintendo's passion and fun.

Sadly, Nintendo has been branded as a company that accommodates to kids. Frankly, many don't even know or remember the quality and content of a Nintendo product. The Wii, while doing good as a family system, did not have that feel right off the but, putting many of the fans off to it, and perhaps putting the Nintendo fans in a hibernation like state from Nintendo. Yes, they are very PG by nature, but by playing Pushmo, I have rediscovered the magic Nintendo offers EVEN IF it is presented in a childlike manor. I could go on about the quality games that they have made, but even the general software on the 3DS is MINDBLOWING to me. Streetpass makes me want every person on earth to own a 3DS. The 3DSWare/eShop may not be a new idea, but the speed, and fluidity of the shop is great, and in my opinion, on par with Steam, ( Maybe I am being to gracious to the eShop but goddamn, in comparison to the DSi shop....Wow.)

To summarize, I love Nintendo again, after many long years of Xboxing and Pc-ing, and I have to say, I am excited about Nintendo's presence again. I just hope they don't mess up, but there is much faith. I look forward with high hopes.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and feel free to give any feedback.