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The easycap journey

Hey guys so I was very excited last week when I learned of a way to play my console video games on my laptop. I am in college with 3 other roommates who LOVE themselves some TV and I don't really enjoy watching soap operas and dramedies so there began my epic quest to find a solution. I ran across the obvious friend of cheap solutions by typing it into google and I was presented with this product called easycap. I promptly went to and purchased one of these little usb dongles for 10.39 anticipating its arrival evermore by the hour. When I finally got it just two days later I was confronted with the issue of windows 7 64bit. That's right my version of easycap and my version of windows 7 were not compatible (way to go Microsoft). I then spent 5 hours Wednesday followed by 3 hours on Thursday searching for drivers that would allow the sound of the video game to translate into audible tones, but to no avail. BUT THEN! I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, windows 7 32bit would work and I am just in luck because at UW (University of Washington) we get free downloads of windows 7 ultimate, Microsoft office 2010..and a host of other "learning enhancers". So I now have a lovely easycap working on my laptop, and the experience has been fairly beautiful. Other than the fact that I've been abusing both my laptop and easycap by of the worst games you could ever play, that's right Sonic the Hedgehog...for the xbox360. Yeah...anyways I am highly enjoying the experience, but it is fairly sad that it took me 72 hours and the fact that my school is so close to Microsoft's headquarters to make something that says "works with windows7" to actually work with windows 7. I will leave you all with a picture of Sonic '06 at it's finest...

 That's correct folks...the loading screen.
 That's correct folks...the loading screen.