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@thiago123: I will likely have to rescrape for some, but for the must part I'll try to keep the old results. The biggest request I get every year is people want to be able to see which users voted for what games, I can't display that information conveniently using a google doc or forum post, but I could on an external site.

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Revisiting old goty lists is one of my favorite things about making them. Though I don't actually change their order or anything, I just like looking at them.

I've actually been working on a side project to host past community goty results on an external site to be more easily browsable, but school and the december exam schedule have really stymied those efforts.

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@thiago123 said:

@thatfrood: Thanks for putting this together again Duder! I'm having a good time going through everyone's list and commenting on several. With that said, I noticed one thing -

I also have Diablo 3 on my list, but I added it as the Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition as I played it on console, whereas most entries I have seen have it as Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. Will you be counting those together or should you pick one to be used a standard?

Thanks for pointing this out, I likely would have noticed this when the final list was generated but I hadn't thought about it till now. They'll have to be combined, I'll just add their scores together. Funny that Diablo 3 has multiple listings for different platforms but Smash Bros doesn't.

The problem that arises is that conceivably someone could list Diablo 3 twice on their goty list then. I wonder if I should add an extra rule to the code to check for that or just trust people not to.

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@darthorange said:

Dear Giant Bomb wiki people, please separate Smash for 3DS and Smash for Wii U. They are different games. Seriously, the Binding of Issac Rebirth got a new wiki page and that game is more similar to the original release that Smash 3DS and Wii U are. A mod mentioned in the other (now locked) thread that it would be too much of a hassle. However, would it be possible to simply create two new pages right now, copy and paste the relevant information to each wiki, and then delete the original smushed together page? Otherwise my game of the year list is going to be one game short as Frood's code doesn't allow duplicate entries. :(

Anyway, here is my list in alphabetical order with a few comments if anyone is interested. I haven't really played all that much stuff this year. I may actually end up adding games I played that weren't released in 2014 just to spruce it up.

Hm, that's an interesting problem, one that I don't think there's a solution for beyond, like you say, having seperate entries for them, because I have no way of detecting otherwise which one you're talking about. On the other hand, it does mean that Smash will benefit from getting the votes of two different games.

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@bananahace: Hace I will delete your list from the spreadsheet. 4 years of your dino d day bullshit goddamnit. 4 years.

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@redefaulted said:

@thatfrood: What about games I've (fully) watched another person play? Such as watching Jesse Cox play through Jazzpunk or Broken Age: Part 1? I'd say both those games have their merit, especially being that they are interesting enough for me to sit down and watch someone else play it.

By and large I run by the idea that it is up to each individual list maker to determine what they think is and isn't appropriate to include in a goty list. I can tell you that I personally would not add games I only watched being played because I like to use these lists to look back on what I played in past years. It's a personal list with memory associated to it, and including games I only watched would not really fit to me unless I felt like I, in some way, participated.

So I'm saying it's your discretion, but I'd really think about it first if those viewing experiences were meaningful enough. I don't mind though, I want you to like your list.

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@audiobusting said:

Yay, thanks for doing this again this year. It's the first time I'm doing a list and it's pretty fun!

This is my list so far. I wonder if I'll be the only person to put Desert Golfing in the top 5.

Velvet Sundown as #1 is fucking madness and you are a maniac.

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@zevvion said:

@thatfrood: Doesn't it? I played more games outside of 2014 this year and liked them all better. There would be only two 2014 games on my list.

I've reworded it to be a bit more clear, but this is how it has been for the last three years, games from past years never make it to the top 10 of the aggregate. You have the option to include a game from a past year if it was meaningful to you this year, but it is only an option when you're stuck wanting to include something that you feel is justified. It is not encouraged.

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@zevvion said:

I find GOTY lists that include games outside of the year we are in a lot less interesting for some reason.

Yeah, and I get that, but allowing their inclusion does not make a meaningful impact on the final list.

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Alright, many may remember, but for the last several years we've been making user lists of our favorite games that come out each given year. There's a system in place to then add all that stuff up and determine the Giantbomb Community's Aggregate GotY List of the Year!

Past year's GOTY lists: 201120122013

In brief: You create a Game of the Year list and submit the url to me via a google form. You are free to edit that list up until December 30th. I then run my code on the list of urls submitted to me, it adds up all the scores and determines a final Game of the Year list for the whole community. I post that list on the forum at the end of December, along with all of the data.


I don't know what I'm doing, explain the process to me long and slow-like with visual aids:

Okay, that's too much, explain it to me short and quick-like with text:

  1. Make an ordered user list and title it anything you like (traditionally, the title would be akin to GOTY 2014)
  2. Fill that list with those games you played this year that you think are most deserving.
  3. Once you are finished, copy the url in the address bar that goes to your user list.
  4. Go to THIS GOOGLE FORM and submit the url.
  5. You're done.

The most basic of rules:

  • Lists are ordered, lists have no duplicate entries, and each user submits only one list.
    • If you attempt to do any of these things, my code detects it and will not accept your list
  • Lists contain games you have played this year, this year being 2014
  • Lists are ranked from best to worst
  • Lists are no longer accepted after December 30th


  • how many games in my list? as many as you like! I'll only count the first ten though. If you have fewer than ten, I'll only count those that you have.
  • can I make an unordered list? no.
  • what am I doing? you're making an ordered user list of your favorite games you played this year, and submitting the url to this google doc.
  • when will results be posted? end of december.
  • when are lists due? December 30th
  • can I submit a game not from 2014? I won't arrest you if you do. The option is available because there are so many fringe and outlier cases where a person can justify an inclusion of a game from another year that I can't ban it. The rule of thumb is that the game must be "new" to you for that given year. Meaning, you can't just have DOTA #1 every year.
  • isn't that not a goty list then? Well, I guess it depends what you call a GOTY list. If it's a personal list of games most meaningful to you that given year, then no, it's still a GOTY list. If it's a list that includes only games from the given year, and intends to be a final scorecard for the year, then no, it is not. But you shouldn't worry, because from the prior we get the latter. Quirks in personal lists are buried by aggregation, and you'll find that, just like in the past 3 times we've done this, the final top ten is of games exclusively from the given year.
  • can I edit my list after I submitted it? You absolutely can. You can even edit the title of your list, the url you submitted will remain valid.
  • where should I send my goty list url? this google doc.

*if you live in a tropical climate, I don't know, grab yourself a cool drink.