The Giantbomb Community's Top Ten Games of the Year 2012


Over six hundred and fifty people submitted lists this year! That's fantastic! That's easily 200% more than last time!

2012 was definitely an odd year for games. Easily the strongest year for downloadable titles ever, as the top ten list will clearly show. A big year for narrative in games as well. It's shocking to see how sparse the list is of AAA titles and sequels. Partially that may be because many of the AAA titles this year turned out to be disappointments, but the "smaller" titles picked up the slack with ample ability!

If you want a complete and thorough rundown of all submissions go to the following google spreadsheet where I have uploaded all the data I drew from the code. There are 2 sheets, one that shows totals and one that shows percentages. Each game received 10 points for being at the number 1 spot on a user's list, 9 points for being second, 8 for being third and so on and so forth. The "Appearances" column lists how many times the game appeared on someone's list, regardless of its placement. Then after that, it shows how many people voted for a game to be number 1, number 2, so and so forth etc. etc.

Now! Onwards to the list!

List items