Returning and E3 Impresions

  Thanks to E3 I found again.  My account was actually created while Giantbomb was in beta and was just launched  but I never felt like using.  I hope to stick around here and become a more active user.
I primarily play games on my PS3, but thanks to E3 2010 I've gained a little bit of excitement for Nintendo.  I try not to begin flame wars.  The only reason I don't own a 360 is cause I don't want to pay for multiplayer (which is a feature I rarely use anyway) and because I personally dislike Microsoft (i.e. I'm a Linux person).
Anyway about E3: 
Favorite trailer: Kid Icarus 
Favorite moment:  When I realized that Nintendo made me want a 3DS.  I never thought that would happen 
Favorite game: Epic Yarn 
Biggest disappointment: Not enough information on inFamous 2 
Looking forward to: Last Guardian appearing at TGS (you know it will)  
Favorite Press Conference: Nintendo 
Favorite Press Conference Moment: The Kevin Butler 
What do I think of Kinect: Even though I don't own a 360, I believe that Kinect is not the future of games, but the future of user interfaces.  Furthermore, I'm currenlty looking       forward to Air Guitar Hero or Air Band.
...but seriously E3 just ended and I'm already talking about TGS something is wrong here...