Deep Look: Dark Souls II- Playing The Wrong Way Never Felt So Right

Hey Duders,

Here is the latest Deep Look! Deep Looks are largely gameplay and commentary like a Giantbomb quicklook; however, I try to cover games that have been out for a while and I intend to use the videos to highlight moments and mechanics that I found particularly worthy of highlighting and exploring. Also I aim to keep the videos under 20 minutes.

In this Deep Look I show off my rather unique playstyle in Dark Souls II and explain how I came to find my style. I happen to use a character that is completely naked and runs around with a huge club and never blocks so its fair to say that my approach to the game is fairly different from the norm. Allow me to explain what made me stick to this unintuitive character build and why this non-standard setup made Dark Souls II a much more fun game for me. It turns out playing the game the wrong way can be the right choice sometimes.