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I Bid Thee Farewall. Retroactively.

Anyone who knows me or cares the slightest what I have to say (possibly just me :P) will have noticed that I dropped off the face of the earth a while ago, the morning Blizzard announced Cataclysm to be exact. 
Despite vowing I would never again enter the realm of Azeroth, my instincts overwhelmed me and before I even knew I was doing it, I had downloaded the client and was blasting away again with my hunter, racing to 80. As I usually do with these kinds of things, I became horribly addicted and have proceeded to do nothing but play World of Warcraft for the past month, not even taking a break to post on my beloved Giant Bomb. 
Now that University rears it's head again, I am afraid I must bid you all farewell, I will be leaving Giantbomb until next summer (you guys know how much I post ;) and cannot deny that amount of time wasting would not affect my uni work) and I will continue to play World of Warcraft until I have become burned out on it again (it's approaching already, i've got pretty much all the best gear before Ulduar, and can't get to Ulduar with my current guild, so i'm pottering around playing the AH and doing Daily quests) so that I can put it down and concentrate solely on my work. Until Cataclysm of course :P 
That said, after a rather depressing summer I decided to buy myself an iPhone. I must say i'm incredibly impressed so far. Obviously, I have purchased the Giantbomb app! So while I will no longer be posting upwards of 50 messages a day (addictive personality? I'd say so) I will be supporting the team by visiting their site through the iPhone app every day. 
So bye bye everyone, see you all next summer!