Haven't been here in a while...

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Is Back! Wiggidy Whack!

It's been a LOOOOONG Uni year, well, 6 months :P 
But i'm back y'all! And i'm more obtuse and opinionated than ever :D and a much much better game programmer too. 
You may also be happy to hear that I did in fact -not- return to WoW, Uni work was simply too much fun. MMO's in general have gone on the  
back burner, which is why i'll be churning out some more blog posts soon enough, why? Because I enjoy it :D and I finally have 
time again to involve myself in the community before running back off to write my dissertation in October. 
I'm very impressed with how the site is looking, my hat is off to the team behind all of it, it's sleek, sexy, works perfectly, very impressed  
and i'm sure to enjoy delving into the myriad new features that have been introduced while I was away.