Very frustrating "Leveling System" Bug.

So I just completed a quest set...which launched me more than halfway through level 16. Then I click to go to the home page....and I'm back at level 15. Maybe if I wasn't so addicted to quests/leveling up....this wouldn't be such a problem. Still GB staff, I think it's something you should look into.


Blu-ray ads....are you f'ing for real???!!!

So I'm sick of popping in a Blu-ray, and then having to watch an unskippable advertisement....for BLU RAYS!! I mean seriously? I'm already watching your format, you seriously think you need to continue to sell me on it? I bought the PS3...I BUY movies, and I go for HD before anything else. But yet you're still determined to shove your success over me as a consumer down my throat.....thanks for that. i know it's trivial, the ads are like 1:30 tops....but it's the principle. Good thing I wrote this blog...that'll fuckin show em.



Think I'm gonna go ahead and try my hand at another one. Time to put on my drinking and thinking caps. (2 in 1 baby!)