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Favourite Characters

Here are the characters which really connected with me in some sort of way.

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  • An Exceptional Visionary.

  • A True Icon of a soldier. Snake fought countless wars, back stabbed far too many times, but forever loyal to this nation. In 2014, he went on an impossible mission, with his body rapidly aging and death draws near every hour. He was to take on the might of Liquid (his clone brother) and 5 PMCs just for the sake of welfare of the nation and the world, even knowing the fact that whatever the outcome is, he'z gonna be dead soon. At the end... Snake won, not using his strength, nor his skills.......but with his will alone.

    Thanks for showing us the power one man's will possess, rest in peace.

  • Niko is perhaps the most human character in a videogame to date. He is defintely not like any other GTA protagonist by a mile. He is not there for the money, as he believes in a much greater cause than that. In Liberty City, he is forced to do bad things just to survive and protect the ones he love.