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C4's Top Ten Of 2010

This Should Probably Be Read After The List.

Notable mentions

-UFC Undisputed 2010- Smashing dudes in the face is always fun.

-Heavy rain- Finished in 2 enjoyable sittings but wasn't really a game.

-Super street fighter IV- More Street fighter? yes please

-Halo: Reach- I don't play (read: have the time to get good at) halo multiplayer, so I get far less mileage out of halo games than most.

-Final fantasy XIII- I'm about halfway through this and had to take a break, it doesn't suck. edit 2: it sucks-

Game dev story- I Don't Like Portable/Mobile gaming, yet i still completed this Twice.

Haven't played

-God of war 3- I have a Copy sitting here, I will get to it Soon.

-Fallout: New Vegas- I thought the first game was broken to a point of barely playable. so I was scared away from new Vegas for now.

-3D dot game heroes- Have a copy sitting here, i know ill like it. (Zelda: A Link to the past is my "Greatest game of all time")

Worst game/s

-Singularity- played it after halo reach and black ops, with high FPS bars to live up to it fell really short.

-Kane and lynch 2- Just a bad Game.

Further notes

-I played Both uncharted games recently, and both where better than a few games on my 2010 list.

-I went straight from Forza 3 to GT5. GT5 is a great Sim, Forza 3 is a great game.

Currently playing- Red faction: guerrilla, After which I'll probably play through assassins creed bother hood then finish FFXIII.

List items

  • Like most I had mixed felling of the original Game. But Mass Effect 2 Fixes all issues and Barn Storms its way to the top of my list.

  • Too much Horseback riding, no ability to drive the model T, glitches galore and a outdated engine. All of which are reasons why this game isn't #1 and that just goes to show how great this game is to Still make #2 with all those faults and more.

  • Its About Frickin Time. A big part of me wanted to move this up to 2nd or 1st, but really in a stacked year like 2010 3rd is a pretty respectable spot for this great game.

  • This game should have stared Daniel Craig and had 007 on the box. For a game that was thrown in the bin and remade in a rush, conviction turned out great. this is also the first Splinter cell I don't hate.

  • A Strategy Game I like in 2010... "Mind Blown".

  • Its Bugs Drag it down the list, but it was a Hell of a ride.

  • Great Concept, great game, disappointingly executed. that said if this game had been pushed to 2011, Case Zero would have made this list.

  • NAZI ZOMBIES!!!!. The multiplayer is by far treyarch's best effort to date, but the campaign was a little over done.

  • Replaced Forza 3 as my game to play while listening to the giantbomb cast, as such you can garner how much time I've spent building my mining empire.

    Why so low on the list? Its barely a game and it isn't really out yet.

  • This is in at ten as a placeholder, I've barely started the game and am quite sure it will graze the top 5