Play halo infinite its great

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C4's Top Ten of 2012

I spent a lot of the first 1/4 of the year continuing to playing the hell out of Skyrim, which is better than all these games.

Most Games this year Where played on the pc with maxed settings (and with a game pad where applicable) unless signed otherwise

Games I am yet to play (play enough) that may earn a spot on this list.

X-com- Played 4 hours and it lost my save. will start again eventually.

Resident Evil 6- I may like this.- nope its shit

Need for speed (2012)- burnout paradise and the 2006 need for speed most wanted where great.

Zombie U- I loved the condemned games, I generally enjoy zombie games. -6/10

Assassins creed 3 (have a copy)- two and brotherhood where great but revelations sucked.-sucked

medal of honor: warfighter- I enjoyed the single player in the previous game.-sucked

Darksiders 2 (bought during the steam sale)- Loved the original.-still havnt touched it 2/jan/15

The darkness II (have a Copy)-still havnt touched it 2/jan/15

Honourable Mentions

Alan Wake Americas nightmare.

Max payne 3

Black-ops 2.

The dlc maps for battlefield 3.


The Yes I played it but don't want on my top ten or honourable list so don't tell me That I forgot it list.

Journey .


Mark of the ninja.

Hotline miami.

List items

  • (pc)Everything I hoped for and more from my most anticipated game this year, murdering fools has never been so pretty

  • (pc) Great fun. year of the bow indeed.

  • (3ds)The reason I Own a 3ds and clearly the best Mario kart since 64. I played this on a airline against the co-pilot and crushed him, I hope he's better at flying than karting. (yes it came out in December last year, Fuck off)

  • (ps3)Great, didn't have an issue with the original ending. Heavy Pistol+Biotic FTW

  • (360)The open world Forza I've always wanted (even from Gran turismo when it used to be relevant). Ironically I think it Needs a couple of race tracks in it.

  • (pc)This could have been My Game of the year.BUT I was plagued by the technical issues in the pc release of this game, the issues changed my choices (and who died), which kinda ruined parts of the game. it was still great but will forever remain in my memory as a Tarnished experience. also f^$k gary whitta.

  • (pc)Masterfully executed proof that low-tech can still beat high-tech.

  • (360)Had a great time playing the single player, the most satisfying console relese this year IMO.

  • (ps3)Great and well made, but I wasn't loving the world.

  • (360)I've Always been Dirtbike crazy, From elastomania to this I've never swayed.