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C4's Top Ten of 2018

It is 5pm am January thirty-first I had a busy November and December so I put this off for an extra month.

Games I didn't play in 2017 that I may still get to at some point

Cuphead - It looks cool.

Assassin's creed origins - ran like shit on my launch Xbox one, got an XBOX one X now so will play it.

Evil Within 2 - I played half of the first game and put it aside to play later, and I want to finish that before playing 2, looks great though.

Games I didn't play in 2018 that I may still get to at some point

Assassin's creed odyssey - I want to play origins first.

Shadow of the tomb raider - was pumped then I heard mixed things, will play some if not all of it.

Hitman 2 - played the first mission and new I wanted to put mega hours into it. will get to it and it would probably have gotten 5th or better on this list.

Overcooked 2 - I liked the first game and need to try this one.

MX vs ATV all out - I like these games but they have been hit and miss lately so I am waiting until I feel a need for it.

Return of the Obra Dinn - another that probably deserves a spot had I got to it. looks great.

Moss, Tetris effect and the rest of PSVR - had a PSVR since April and need to get to more of its exclusives.

Super Mario Party - I'm sure its a garbage fire but I want to play it.... a lot.

Honorable mentions

Pokemon let's go Pikachu- played a bunch loving it then hit a wall. I will go "back back to pallet pallet".

Dead cells - played two 6 hour sitting and had good fun. never felt the need to touch it again. it's good.

Fire Pro Wrestling world - want to play a lot more.

Into the breach - would make the world best Tablet/big-ass-phone game. would have been 11 on my list were there an 11

List items

  • easily the best game this year, I didn't play this, I became it.

  • I completed and did not like god of war 1 and 2 to the point where I purchased 3 and never played it. I do however love Bloodborne and after learning that this game had borrowed heavily from bloodborne's combat system I dove in head first and loved every frost-axe swing. I cant wait for either DLC or a sequel.

  • My favorite fighting game in years and it happens to be in the dragon ball universe one my favorite franchises ever. had a great time with this and as with god of war I'm pumped for a sequel.

  • also Yakuza Kiwami 2. I played the latter 2/3 of yakuza zero and all of Yakuza kiwami 1 this year, I loved those games enough that I'm completely confident in putting this at 4, it can only go higher and I love that I have 2 of these games in my backlog.

  • Play it with friends and have a great time. I'd almost never touch this alone if I wasn't trying to unlock characters.

  • great suffer sim that is all about atmosphere. perfectly executed.

  • I had so much fun playing this that I essentially binge-played it. if binge-playing wasn't a thing/term then it is now. only played it once and don't need to touch it again. felt as good as classic games are remembered, instead of as janky as they are.

  • They made another horizon and it is still great. nothing negative to say. fun with mates and fun solo, I completed the base game and haven't made time for the DLC yet.

  • Play it with one or more friend and have a great time, play it alone and its boring. buy its really pretty.

  • The worlds best B-game. it looks like a AAA title and if it was 2006 and this was 2/3 the price of a AAA title it would have been as iconic as Arkham asylum. was good fun.