Play halo infinite its great

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C4's top ten of 2020

Real game of the year is probably "Halo mastercheif collection" for PC. I had the most fun playing that.

Halo Reach and Halo 3 O.D.S.T. Didn't get enough credit for how good the storys are.

Skater XL - feels like skate has no story mode its just free skating, now that they have announce skate 4 I'm hyped for it. This is good.

DBZ kakarot - was terrible which was not suprising but disapointing.

Yakuza legcy - collection had aged too much to be great. wish they had bothered making more kiwamii games the first two are fantastic.

Spelunky 2 - is great but the first game was so much better that I play it when i want to spelunk.

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  • Loved every minute, binge played it in a weekend, didn't even notice the stuff that caused a hubub and I'm far from liberal. Naughty dog continues to make games perfectly to my taste and exceeding my expectations.

  • Went into this thinking "RE2 remake was amazing but this is the remake of a much less great game"

    I was wrong. this is the best looking and feeling game I played all year. Visual and audio atmosphere nailed. Characters all solid, mechanics dialed. it was in the same league as last of us 2 but it only lasted 1/4 of the time, please remake RE4.

  • I have a racing sim setup and splurged on a very expensive (to me) F1 wheel just for this game, while I have adult disposable income, having that kind of dedication says plenty about how much I enjoy these games and this is the best executed f1 game in a long time.

  • great, kinda difficult not as fun as Doom 2015, probably 5 hours too long. Doesn't matter killed demons and had fun. Love doom, this is more doom.

  • Did I get Mission breaking bugs so bad iI had to reload a 1 hour older save? yes, multiple times, Its a buggy almost broken shit show and its such a great world that it barely matters, I wish it had been as polished as a GTA game just so people would shut up and enjoy it. "Beep Beep Motherfuckers"

    Good story, good characters, acceptable mechanics.

  • I love yakuza zero, kiwamii 1, kiwamii 2 and judgement.

    Yakuza 6 missed the bar for me, I was sick of kamurocho and the story didnt hit like it usually does. "Like a dragon" however is a return to form with a switch from a scorsesse dark story to a fun bubbly protagonist more akin to the side character majima from yakuza zero. excited for the new protagonist (Ichiiban) to continue his arc.

  • I watched somebody play this and expierience (the first 1/3) of FFVII for the first time, They did it justice which says alot. between this, pokemon lets go, the yakuza kiwamii games, links awakening hd and the resident evil remakes Studios are proving that great games can be great again and again and again and thats fine with me. FF7 was great, and still is.

  • best single player cod in many years, (ww2 was decent) good zombies.

  • mud runner was great, I like to pretend drive fast and have a racing sim setup so doing slow driving seems odd but it just works, fwiw buddy played mudrunner(the previous game in the series)with a controller and still liked it. so I tried Snow runner with a controller found the game to be a relaxing puzzle to solve and now I prefer it with a controller.

  • its great, it feels much more like "real trackmania" than turbo did. was on on the 'giantbomb unofficial classic' server or the one with mario kart tracks every night for about a week after release then fell off it pretty hard.