Play halo infinite its great

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In no Particular Order- link to the past is my answer for greatest of all time.

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  • One of the greatest games of all time and my personal favorite. when i play it every few years i always for get an item or heart location and get to explore all over again, the music, the weapons, the timeless art and the enemies its just so perfect.

  • Yup doom is was and always be awesome. Doom 2 is also amazing.

  • 1000 hours! thats how much time my child self spent playing Perfect Dark, Most of which was 4 human Player multiplayer with bots. I Got Stupid Good at this game and I was already insanely good a Goldeneye or at least that's how my adult brain remembers my child self.

  • Awesome just like COD2 was

  • I Got 100%, then i started a new game and did it again. did not do that with any other GTA.

  • I Was The Local Champion Of Mario Kart 64, the thrill of winning was only exceeded by the joy of a successful rearward green shell shot.

  • My Favorite and most played game on Ps1, yes metal gear and Final fantasy 7 can fight over second, suck it. also as soon as the ps2 game came out this became unplayable but I will always have the memories.

  • I Love rap Music, i love video games. this game was built for me.

  • Ive always loved the James Bond Character, as a child this was magic

  • Skyrim is a better game, but i wouldn't have touched it if it wern't for my love of oblivion. i wasn't sold until My first dark brotherhood mission. praise sithis

  • the pot for helmet had me stumped and I resorted to using "ign game sages" which I found With a altavista search. if only id asked jeves.

  • the first online multiplayer i ever did was a 28.8kbps modem game of duke 3d. I won.

  • Still my favorite RTS game. I bought it again from Good old games so it would run on my windows 7 system. my 63 year old dad (2020) sill plays a dozen games of this a year, its truly something special.

  • The Best Game Cube game. I sold my game cube and games but I still have the PS2 version and the Wii version.

  • played this after 2 (which is a better game), was angry at my mates for not telling me how fantastic both the character and the game are as The arc of the characters through the series is perfect..

  • played alot of this, its my favorite rythym game not called taiko no tatsujin. I Love me Some Audio Surf

  • Played the hell out of it for years, bought it last year from good old games and did it again, then got it steam and played the hell out of it again. was just so chill without feeling dragged out.

  • the reason I bought a Game Cube loved this as much as I hated sunshine, that said I played sunshine after Resident evil 4 and thats a hard act to follow

  • Duh. I think my preference of luigi came from playing this with my older brother, he is 7 years older than me so was much better at games for years, I was player 2.

  • My first PS2 game, I could do things with the physics in this game that give reality the finger. It was the peak of motocross physics at the time. It hasnt aged great but I played this consistently for the entire PS2 console generation.

  • Perfect. not the best game ever but there is nothing I'd change, nothing I can think of negative about it. Naughty dog makes games for me, I am their audience and they nail it.

  • great fun, dope music. got it for my birthday when I wanted mortal kombat 3, can remember being about to act like a spoiled brat when the next present was MK3, parents talked about how stoked i was for mortal kombat for decades after that, but i played this game just as much because nobody wanted the whooping from my finely tuned mortal kombat skills.

  • "grabbing pills" not great solo but with 1-3 friends it is some of the most fun ive had gaming.

  • I was the correct age for this when new, i consumed my generation, its fantastic.

  • My most played game on steam, borderline an addiction for a period.

  • If i was a few years old i have no doubt that this would be my favorite game of all time, I played this in the ps2 era after playing metal gear solid 3 and I still loved it.

  • not the best Classic MK, that's 2 or 3, but 2 came out when I was 5 and would mash Lui Kang moves vs my two older brothers beacuse they where easy to remember. MK3 I got for my birthday on Snes and played abundantly but I got good enough that I had nobody to play with as by this time my brothers had jobs and wern't around. UltimateMK3 on N64 however was after I had moved and had friends close by that also loved mortal kombat, we played this for years and while I still won it was competitive enough that we all kept getting better. It got to the point where 4 of us could play for hours doing random select.

  • love the series and like doom, zelda , metal gear, uncharted, elder scrolls and gta i could put the entire franchise on this list, this one is my favorite.