Ramping up to Xboxone release!

With barely 2 months before the new consoles drop I have recently started on the path..or well..done as much until release date hits.

Over the last few weeks work has been...long....like REAL long. In the last two weeks alone I clocked 100 hours compared to my normal 60 in two weeks. Course we can go into the rewards of that later.

Lets start on recent events.

I got my two new posters hung up.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

The BlackFlag one is amazing. Sadly not having a big room has taken a toll and these are the only two I can hang up right now.

Next up I got my car bumper fixed. My college classes is in an area FILLED with potholes and my bumper had to be removed a few months back. However recently a few screws and hard work got it reattached firmly.

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The next big event was that I had finely saved up to get a new T.V my last one being a 24 inch 720p toshiba I was able to nab something nice at wallmart.

42 inch 1080p LG

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*router has also been moved to my room giving me a 60mbps download and 30 upload*

The change is amazing simply amazing. I can now see all the jaggyness in the Xbox menus.

And last! I have fully finished paying off my day one Xboxone along with Watch_Dogs,AC4 and BF4. Along with a pair of Turtle Beach X04 headsets.

Well thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed my short and spaztiscly written Blog.

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Why I picked to get a X1 and E3 highlights.

Sitting here eating Subway and listening to Anamanaguchi I had time to think over my decision on my next Gen console purchase and reflect on E3.

Let's start at E3

The highlights for me of course being Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom pain.

Long ago with Metal Gear Solid Kojima brought me into the strange world of Japanese games with his stealth action title. I was not until MGS2 that I fell fully involve with his batshit insane stories a mixture of technology and mystical crap that could more or less just be made into a feature film. So yes Metal Gear Solid 5. Sold on it.

Next up was Watch_Dogs. As I am sure you have all seen this trailer I will not clog up your screens with it. Watch_Dogs hits home with me. The idea of a fully technological run future has amazed me. Why? Because it is all ready here. Right now if the internet went down along with phone lines the entire world would fall into chaos. So the idea of a group of people who on a whim could cause a black out on a city wide scale with a button press amuses me greatly.

Up to bat next is Sunset Overdrive the X1 exclusive from Insomniac games.

Since we know so little about this game I wont spend time on it much. But again a fast paced open world shooter with a chaotic feel to it and not taking its self serious has my attention. I do not like to get to hype over a trailer because well...."Fuse" I just deeply hope it does not get the swam switch that OverStrike did.

Time to raise the black flag with Assassin's Creed IV: Black flag.

Poster for those who where not able to get it on pre-order.
Poster for those who where not able to get it on pre-order.

I want to start off that I had a TERRIBLE experience with AC:3. If you all recall the quicklook where the guys had to escort a certain someone. That certain someone had some kinda bug where he ran and jumped off a cliff EVERYTIME. No amount of reloading fixed it. However this does not deter my away from the next one. I am holding onto hope the Creed can win me back. Also...pirate booty.

Last but not least TITAN FALL! Something I am super excited about. Why? MECHS MECHS MECHS MECHS! I have all ways loved mechs. Respawns first FIRST game Titan Fall also promises dedicated servers and awesome battles. Again we have not seen much of this game but I am very excited. Also add to that the fact that AI will also be running about the battle field will hopefully add more chaos to the game.

Now it is time for the fun part.

Why did I pick a X1?

Why could I possibly want to bend to MS DRM and daily check in rules? Why let them spy on me with Kinect?

Because frankly....truthfully? I...do not know. That is right. I do not know.

Back when the PS3 first game out my mother bought me one for X-Mas. (Not X-Men) I enjoyed it deeply and played a lot of games.It was not until recently (when I was 20ish.....ok...like 4 years ago) That I picked up a 360. I quickly learned that the community online was all around the 360. Skip to today and MS has never scorned me. No extended drop in service. No loss of personal info. No hacked account (I know it has happened to others but not to me)

But this leap from 360 to X1 does bring in some stuff that makes people mad. Like REAL mad. Internet mad.

Let's list below

  • DRM. You can only give it to one friend before it can no longer be given again. This friend must be on your friends list.
  • Daily check in. The process taking only kilobytes of data alienates those over seas fighting in the war or people who do not have access to a internet connection.
  • Kinect. Kinect is required to be plugged in for the X1 to work. Always watching....always.
  • The full and utter ignorance of their customers complaints about above issues.

I know some of these issues are a BIG deal for people but to me. Only one really irks me. The way PR has handled it all. *Fuck you Mattrick*

But let's start from the top.


When I buy a game normally I buy it new. My last used purchase was Darksiders because well they no longer print new copies of a game. The only time I do get game pre-owned is when I was kinda interested in them at launch but not enough for the 60 dollar price tag *Or your equivalent* To be honest I do not "Lend" games. I do not let friends "borrow" games. I "GIVE" them. Once I have beaten a game I trade it in (Which is now in the hands of the publishers for both groups) Or GIVE it to a friend. Someone who maybe can not afford to get the game till its cheaper. I do not expect it back.

I see this new system the same as Steam. Once you buy a game it is yours. Steam does not even allow you to give it away when you are done with it. I know using Steam as the example is not the best but it is simple and easy to understand. True you can give extra copies to friends but that original game is YOURS. No trade ins, no giving away.

But! BUT!. Lets not forget the new "Family Library" MS is toting. Course again this is something they have been murky about the details with but having a library of games that any of my friends (10 friends) Can get into and play is great for me. That friend who can not get the game one release? He can nab it from my library wile I work or sleep. Sadly we do not have the full details about this system and well it could be some stupid paid for library group or the what not.


This is from what I have seen the biggest issue people have. What about the soldiers over seas? What about the people who do not have a constant internet connection? What if your power goes out?

To that I have a few things to say. In today's world *Like when I talked about Watch_Dogs* we are all connected. Some not as much as other but if this little "Check in" is as small as MS claims then the connection would barely need to be a few moments long. MS has also added you can tether your phone and get the check that way. (More on this below)

I have Verizion Fios quantum (Or what ever the hell they call it now) The only time I drop connection is during a massive storm and that is when we lose power. If that is the case well...I can play my Vita or read a book. In short I do not have this issue.

Ya that sounds selfish. "Na na na na" *Batman* I have internet and you do not" I understand that people who really do have issue with internet connections must be mad. I fully agree that MS is more or less screwing them but I can not help with that. There is nothing I can say to prove that I know how they feel so I will not. I will only hope that MS makes it so those people can play without the internet.


The Kinect thing seems to have died down in the last few days but before E3 it seemed to blow people's minds that it would need to be connected *No fuck you I am not gonna make a Kinect pun* for the system to work. My first thought was "O that's dumb. What if the stupid thing breaks" Never did I think " O god Hal is watching me play COD naked" Or listening to my conversations.

I am sorry. But a device that can be beaten by the same method I used to quiet my pet bird and make her go to sleep is not a device that worries me. Take a look at your Facebook or Twitter feeds. There is all ready a massive amount of information out there. Even more so if you have a store card that gives you discounts. Some even including your Phone number, address, spending habits, amount spent, items you buy, and times you shop.

All in all I am not worried about MS watching me. If they wanna spy on me playing Titan Fall and enjoying it more power to them and if I get creeped out I will just turn the camera to face the wall.


THIS is the biggest issue I have had with all the X1 and MS stuff. Microsoft must have the worst PR ever. Within a week A WEEK of E3 Mattrack has alienated the entire military and people with internet troubles. More or less saying " I feel for people on nuclear subs I really do" Or " If you do not have internet we have this other device called the 360" NO NO NO NO NO. That is not how you do it. These people are your customers. You do not just shrug and say " Well we have this other system thats out of date" Or " I know how you feel" But make not try to assure them they are no less important to the company.

This coupled with the mixed messages from Xbox Support Twitter. Makes me think that maybe 3 people really know what is going on with the X1. The lack of proper information is the biggest issue (I think) that MS has. We can only hope gamescon will allow this to be sorted out or Major Nelson to make another blog post *A less murky one* About all of this stuff.

Well all thanks for reading. I know I am not the best blogger out there but I just wanted to get this out there. I have been seen around the forums defending X1 but mostly because I do no feel the fire of anger should rain down until we have ALL the info. If we get it all and indeed MS is doing all this just to gather information on us or some other crazy thing then by all means burn down their headquarters.

Till then.

See ya Space cowboys.

O ya. I am on Twitter.


10k post celebration blog that chances are no one will read?

Safety warning. *I take no responsibility for bad sentence structure,Grammar or typos for this blog. Its worked 8 and a half hours 4 days straight now and barely gotten 6 hours of sleep each night for those days*   
*Small edit. Thank you @Sparklykiss for removing the POST and letting make this a BLOG* 
Yup. It all started here Nearly 2 years ago I took my first step and made my post. Course I was here a little longer then that. What brought me to giant bomb was the release of "Rogue warrior" Course I was kinda interested so I followed the foot steps and found  

  I was kinda shocked at being smacked with so many cusses and what not but quickly realized it was done to make fun of the game. 
I then went backwards and watched all the quicklooks. Blah blah blah I signed up. Blah blah blah someone cast bufu when they should not have blah blah blah "Isn't that right Zack" Blah blah blah Patrick arrives and now we are here. Nearly 2 years later I am making this thread that chances no one will read. But hey. Its nearly 11 pm and I got off work barely an hour ago.  
So lets move on. 


 Right now mostly working 35 ish hours a week and trying to not kill my manager. Its amazing how one person can attract so much hate. I like to this of myself a passive person. I hate violence and hate conflict when its not needed. But this one person seems to target me out for no reason. If something is not done right I am blamed. The reason? " It was BOTH your jobs"  Course the logical idea is "They would get in trouble to right?...Nope." It seems the faults of two becomes the fault of me. Luckily my manager is out for surgery and wont be around for 3 weeks. As of last week a very nice feeling of peace has fallen across the work place and everyone seems much more...relaxed.   
Anyone who has read another of my blogs knows I got a truck! Year one went fine no real issues. Course with cars come issues. Shit breaks and breaks at bad times. My first run in was with the battery wires more or less rusting out. a 66 dollar towing fee and 20 dollar repair fee had my hopes up of it being fixed. 23 hours later again it died. Turns out they MISSED the OTHER cable (Yes both cables where rusted to hell). So right there was 100 bucks gone. Time went on and all was well. Till it was inspection time. A buddy of my cousins said he would help me out with the inspection. Course the day we showed up he was out with a tooth thingy. (Now he wont help us cause of something about conflict of interest or blah blah blah) But on the bright side I have a chance coming Tuesday. So wish my luck with that. 


 Well not much as of 2012. Kinda been stressed but lets show what I DID play before the new year rolled around 
360 box art (cropped) 
360 box art (cropped) 
 Dark Souls was picked up during my week vacation from work and anyone who followed me on Twitter or talked to me on AIM quickly learned it sucked me in. The air of depression and being alone quickly stole my heart and the threat of death from even common baddies won me over. Something so SOUL crushingly DARK...*Ill stop now* turned many people away but for some reason I just played for hours on end. Beating the game and even restarting it netted me over 100 hours in it * Something I really wanna go back to for more PVP*  I say for the next Souls game. Bring the pain,Bring the sadness, I am one man. I have my shield and sword. No force shall stop me. Not creature will defeat me. For I am hollowed and will never die. 
360 box art (cropped)
360 box art (cropped)
Crazy? Check. Explosions? Check. Balls to the wall Action? Check. Saints row the third was picked up on gentle coaxing from a few review sites. And Giant bombs Very own quick look. At first I was not sure if this game was for me. But ONE mission changed that. About to parachute onto a penthouse to steal it for my own As I leaned out of the chopper it started..."No one man should have all that power" Somthing inside me snapped and a grin crept across my face. Out of the chopper I went and to Kanye West I shot up the building and took my first step into Steelport. And each step after that was more zaney. Not to mention the cast I loved. Auto tuned pimp? Big ol Russian Bruiser? Ex FBI nerd? All my homies. I am the king of Steelport and my take over has hardly begun 




No Caption Provided
 Sadly I have not gotten much into this game. ID was a big part of my childhood. Doom was one of the first FPS I played..*Or can recall playing* Enough so that my text sound for my next phone will be the double barrel shotgun shoot and reload sound. Post Apocalypse has all ways caught my eye. The world at its knees clawing to stay alive. Something..just something about it keeps me wanting more. However somewhere I lost myself and stopped playing. I do plan to go back. The wasteland calls and I will answer 
PC box art (cropped)
PC box art (cropped)
I had no interest in this game for the longest time. Until I heard more and more about it was a zombie game "Just done right" Right now however it sits still in plastic wrap. Maybe this year I can pick up a bat and swing for the fences *And zombie heads* 
Final Box Art
Final Box Art
Fus Ro Dah baby. The game that many waited for and stood in line for hours came out. I was one of those who stood in line *20 mins* and quickly went home. I however did not dive in. I played combined maybe 10 hours. Something lost me. The world? The battle system? It was..just something. I lost interest. I DO plan to go back so don't hate me. The Dovahkiin will save Skyrim. 

What am I listening to?!  

Not having a Smartphone or Ipod really limits my music listening to time to video games or just youtube. Course I do listen when ever I can. As I even type  
  Is playing. Something I dug up from my childhood. My mother had gotten me a CD filled with a bunch of popular songs or.. something not able to recall but this one song stuck.  
I am however more of a fan of Daft Punk so of course their music ranks high on my list (Including remixes) So of course 
    Why not toss in some Anamangochi as well  


Quite a few people here know I am not...rich. I work hard and try to get more hours. Lets be honest. The U.S is kinda fucked right now in money. The 1%/99% stuff. Course before X mas rolled around one of our very own picked to share his own good will and gift me a entire year of Shiny gold member 
@Branthog has my thanks and friendship. *Hopefully he sees this blog and wades though my ranting*  
Thanks to him I can watch older videos in big ol Shiny HD. So again thank you duder!  

What am I looking forward to?! 

 2012 is gonna be a big year. Lots of releases and what not. ANYONE who knows me at the top of the list is 
Official logo of BioShock Infinite.
Official logo of BioShock Infinite.
I loved the first two. The entire feel of the game. Utopia gone wrong. Chaos around each corner with the your little bubble leaking. (Can anyone spot the trend with me?) I have high hopes for this one and can not wait till it is released 
Runner ups!  
Err..uhhh...Ok its near fucking midnight. I can not think or be bothered to find pics. 
Witcher 2 for 360 
Prototype 2 *Yes I liked the first*  
And some others 
TAX SEASON IS COMING! My first goal? New computer so I can rumble with the bombers on BF3! 


Again money issue crap. I have been very excited about the IPHONE 4S. I had found a plan with Sprint that gives 450 mins and unlimited text/data. Something that I COULD AFFORD! After looking over the plans I sent a quick question to support (Something about their network) However with the answer my hope started to crumble. They now charge a 10 dollar "Premium" data plan which brings the cost to near 80 bucks. Another 10 dollar would not be much right? Course I had forgotten about taxes. At my current income I could not really afford 90 bucks a month unless it is EXACTLY 90 dollars or less. *Still hope?*  

Lets wrap this shit up

In my 2 years I have seen and heard a lot. I'm sure a few people here hate me. I wonder if anyone even cares I am posting this. I felt I needed to do something to celebrate. So yay.. Balloons streamers and  soda.  
Thank you for reading all this. And if you wanna hear more  
Of course I have a 360 and anyone who wants that can message me.  
Thank you all for reading this and again sorry for any grammar mistakes and what not.  
There is so much more I wanted to type but I am sure people would get sick of it. But before I go.  
Meet meko. My buddy and pet. We all need a cuddle after a day of work. 
Meet meko. My buddy and pet. We all need a cuddle after a day of work. 
O and 
Thats a Kombat pass for 360. Not sure if it works but good to anyone who gets it.  
So go forth bombers and have some  
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BonusExp episode 52 HAPPY CAKEAVERSY!

No Caption Provided

Today we celebrate our one year podcasting anniversary! (53 weeks is a year right?) The gang’s all here to say a fond farewell to our Pathost Pat, who is abandoning video games to move on to an exciting new entertainment medium called cinema. Never heard of it… Anyways, we all have a lot of games to discuss including the super hot Portal 2, the exceedingly blazing Mortal Kombat, the severely scalding Might and Magic Clash of Heroes, the acutely scorching Gears of War 3 beta, greatly steaming Section 8 Prejudice and the enduringly warm Minecraft.

We try a different format in gaming news, and trivia falls on dark and uncertain times. Can you save it? Yes you can! You can use the player in the sidebar of the site or in this post to listen to the show. Until next time, Babality…  


No Caption Provided

Side note from Nick. 

This is the one year cast! We are trying a bit of a different flow and want to see what people think. 

BonusEXP Episode 51!

Herp Derp 
Herp Derp 

On this week's MP3 David capitulates to the siren song of Minecraft, Nick goes back in Timeshift and back in Trine, and Pat explores Dungeon Hunter on PSN. Andy remains hooked on Pokemon Black, finally finishes inFamous, talks Might and Magic Clash of Heroes, and dishes the scoop on the Gears of War 3 beta. We also collectively talk about Portal in anticipation for Portal 2.

Capcom solidifies itself as a recurring news item, and trivia fails to get a correct answer this week. David will be really disappointed if you don't get the next one right! Just listen for the clip and send us your guesses! Until next time, there is a creeper behind you forever.

Also next week pat has an annocment. 

Show Details:
Duration: 1:22:29
Size: 57 MB
Format: MP3   

MP3 File

Please send in any questions or comments you have to: podcast@bonusexp.com or you can contact me here! 

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SuperSolider playthough

As I sit now watching the intro for the game a third time I am wondering if I have played this game to many times. My vet run was quite easy avoiding most of the baddies without even using stealth. I do enjoy that fighting is not forced on you in " Many" areas and confrontation can be avoided but being a well "Super Solider" Shouldn't you not have to avoid? Course at higher levels the armor upgrade makes you a near tank so there is that one man army path. 
Course now after investing a nice bit of time in the game I am starting to see the cracks form. From the bad voice acting to the near Dumb AI. This game I love is starting to show off it has its own faults. But I am happy to say it only really shows glaring issues if I look for them. Once and a wile I will notice textures popping in. Or the voice of Sarge (BFBC2) used more then once in a group of cell soldiers.  
11 hours in and I have beaten Normal and hard mode. Wonder how long it will take to beat Super hard. Will super hard even be that hard? I have the full suit unlocked. Chances are I can just stealth/speed run it.  
They used to call me prophet..... remember me.     


Truck truckie trucky truck truck truck!

So today was a big day for me. At about 1pm ish I went out to my cousins house after messin around a bit on BLOPS *Schooled my other cousin on the first level* I handed over 500 bucks and a toy truck. And in return was handed the title for my FIRST TRUCK! My first very own vehicle!  
To make sure my mom did not have a heart attack my cousin took me on some lessons..mostly that meant "Shit I wanted to do" And we made a trip to game stop to pick up... 

After a bit more driving and refueling the truck we went back to her house and I played more BLOPS with my cousin. Then I headed on home. And now...for your entertainment..my truck!...Again its not a looker at all 

No Caption Provided

 Blurry pic is blurry
 Blurry pic is blurry

Not shown here about the 20 dollar in change left behind for me!  
Not shown here about the 20 dollar in change left behind for me!  
Again its not some beautifull truck. Its a point A to B thing. But again ITS MY FIRST TRUCK!. Its a great feeling to sit in it and think " This is mine. I bought it"  
Follow me on da twitters if you want. 

The minecraft life Part 1?

So I found a fun little texture package and dived back into mine craft. My world loaded up and I got this nice little starting spot. 

 Ahhh so pretty
 Ahhh so pretty
So quickly I get to work gathering wood to make a home for myself. The trees which you can see in the picture are all over the place. After pokin around a bit I found two natural caves right at my spawn and take a peek in one. To my surprise I am chased out by a skeleton. Course they do not come out in the sun right? Well wrong..he chases me out and lands an arrow firmly in my back stealing 3 hearts. After a short dance around a few trees he is burnt in the rays of the sun. After which I go back to my wood collecting. It does not take long before I have made a workbench. A sword and a pickaxe. Not to mention a little home. 

Home Sweet home.  
Home Sweet home.  
By now however the sun was getting low so I ran to find coal. In the past I had issues finding coal and soon realized this might be another one of "Those times" to my luck however I found 4 blocks not far from my home which I quickly mined and turned to torches. Apon returning home the sun was sinking fast.  

Goodbye pretty funny block of sunny squareness 
Goodbye pretty funny block of sunny squareness 
I arrived home just as the sun went down and quickly stuck torches outside my home to stop monsters spawning right on my door step. I did not have time to unpack the good dinner ware and napkins so that would be a fopa to no end.  

Its dangerous to go alone
Its dangerous to go alone
So ends my first day. A small home to keep me safe. Torches to keep the baddies away. And a little workbench to toil away on.  I shall sleep hungry tonight but safe. Hungry but safe.  

I have many plans for you my little home. 
I have many plans for you my little home. 
Tomorrow is a new day. And I have many plans. The search for coal begins a new and maybe even iron. Stone pitckaxes to be made and a stone sword to be forged.  
Well that was my first new day in minecraft. I was thinking of keeping a little journal like this and keep it a sort of diary like feel. If anything it will give me a reason to upload more pictures. 

Xmas is here. So says the soda bottle

So ya xmas is here and I found this at the store. I quickly chugged it and took a picture.  
I also S ranked Alone in the dark. And boy has this game made me mad. No other game has made me this angry. * Metal_Gear Sunny* Got to hear me rage over skype *Along with our own ZombiePie* At just the horrid game place choses in this game. The top being the FORCED car sections which I had to replay many times. The black rape goo of death. The controls, Aiming and just the innovatory system covered up this games great story....well...ok...the music was good and some cutscenes where good.  
I also got a digital copy of Alan wake on ebay for around 10 bucks and I am excited to start playing that. 
Other fun news includes I got a wool isolated blanket. A vest for my cat. And 31 hours of work this week. So all in all its been pretty good. 
My mom is much better for those who read about her being punched. Course now some crazy bitch is threatening her because of the Special needs house being in the neighborhood.  
Anyways I am waiting for my code for Alan wake and Might go ply some Dead Rising 2 with Sunny. 
So follow my antics on Twitter
The asshole on ebay gave me a dud code for Alan Wake. And did not even stick around to see if it worked. I feel scammed. And its been like 6 hours since I messaged him. 

KOTOR Live stream

Thanks to the guys at the Luchazine I got a copy of KOTOR. And for fun I am gonna live stream myself playing it.  
I will be using Justin.tv and its little Dynno thingy to do this. 
Right now I am installing the game so you can for now watch me play around the site and other websites I go to.  
On a side note does anyone know how to combine a live stream of a game and audio?  

Or just click here
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