British Accents Can Make A Believer On A Foreign Mind

If you explore YouTube long enough, you can find all sorts of wonderful, mind blogging, and fucked up things. Those some what of a treasures could be a black KKK members dancing to a provocative song, a little boy cussing at a Japanese store clerk, a fat German kid yelling at his crashed computer, etc etc. And it's all purely accidental, how you end up with an fine discovery had nothing to do with your original purpose of yourself looking through the video selection, which makes it all the more surprising. I mean, one day I was watching Sonic related videos, music and gameplay footage, and come across one that I wouldn't believe that I would become a follower for. I give it a few seconds of my time and immediately unable to break away from the sheer quality that I'm listening to; and thus, wanting more of it.
We've all had that kind of a similar revelations. My version of it is a duo that's known as Hellfirecommentary. Two British dudes known as NTOM64 and FTA (Fastest Thing Alive) are big knowledgeable Sonic the Hedgehog fanatics that provide surprisingly good informative commentary on Sonic playthroughs they've done for the past several years. They can be quite the comedy duo at times, the aspects they rip on about Sonic games and be very pleasing (especially the Sonic 06 playthrough). And when they're not ripping on the Sonic games, they would rip on each other -  FTA called NTOM gay, and NTOM told him to shut the fuck up.
Due to where they live, they would sometimes make references to the British culture. Did you know that the word that the Brits use when copies of a game goes into production is "alpha" instead of "gold"? And I thought "water closet" was such a mind blower. I feel more educated about the British culture than ever before!
With the help of their British accents, it provides fixations that allows me to strangely emphasis on each word that comes out of their mouths. For some reason, the British accent can cause a fixations to a regular-old American (did you know that Ryan Davis loves it when a British dude says "homey"?). And I must say, NTOM64 by far has the thickest British accent I've ever heard. As a result, I have this belief that all British dudes (with the acceptation of FTA) sound like NTOM64. Every internet comment that I read from a British dude, NTOM's voice will pop up in my head.