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I rather have a open world RPG that has a story that isn't canon to the TV show and have it written by Akira Toriyama.

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You wanted to be able to appeal to the casual audience, while having enough stuff in there for hardcore fans to play, research and do their thing in the training mode. What we tried to do with Street Fighter X Tekken was to put in aspects that would appeal to all users, things like cross rush, the tag battles--these are the things that the casual user can really enjoy really easily, while it also has some merit for the hardcore players. It’s definitely really hard, but we tried our best with Street Fighter X Tekken to keep everyone in mind and make something that everyone can enjoy. 

And yet, your training mode always sucks because you guys don't even try to revamp it. Heck, you guys couldn't even add more options in the training mode for SFIII OE. And why not add more gameplay modes for offline and online to appeal to casual fans? And non-ignorant people don't like shady DLC deals. 
Try listening to your fanbase, not just competitive fighting game fans who only post in SRK, that way you won't just make assumptions out of your ass. As a matter of fact, one of the developers of SFIII OE was only taking suggesting from the users of that web site, despite the fact that Seth Kilian said that Capcom listens to people who post in their official web site. I mean, who the hell wants useless fan art and useless trail/mission mode? Yeah, my point exactly.
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It's also worth mentioning that Nintendo's games were viewed as "kiddy" and overlooked during the GameCube days. Gaming was in a weird place in the mid 2000s' as gamers and companies believed that E and T rated games weren't interesting because they weren't violent like M rated games, and thus, not being top sellers. I think that's what lead to Microsoft not publishing Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath and Psychonauts (ironically enough, those two games sold poorly) . I would say that the turning point was with the sales of New Super Mario Bros., being the most financially successful Mario game in years, at the time.  
Though, part of the GameCube's failure was Nintendo's fault. Not supporting online play and letting 3rd party companies abandoning the system. The lack of online play caused some of the 3rd party games that were on the system for developers to removed the feature from the version, which made the Gamecube unappealing. 
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There are a few games I would give away, but never got around doing that.

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Sometimes I think people want Nintendo to get out of the hardware business just because they want to play Nintendo games on their hardware of choice.

Oddly enough, that's exactly what I want.

ditto. I don't care enough to buy the console to play like 5 games, but I would buy the hell out of them if they appeared on other consoles. Until then, Nintendo gets nothing from me.

Not saying it will happen, but I would like it if it somehow did.

And Xbox fanboys feel the same way about Sony's console and Sony fanboys feel the same way about Microsoft's console. .
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You can't rent games with digital. I'm not the type that keeps buying games that you end up regretting purchasing because apparently money's no object to them and they believe that every gamer in the world is in the exact same position as them. 
60$ (or more depending on where you live) is a nickel to them.

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I think this is why there were rumors of him being gay.

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This would make sense if this commercial came out in November around the release of Sonic Generations in promotion for that game. 

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I believe he also said that SFIV isn't going to get a title update and that ended up happening. If character DLC happens, (which I don't want it to happen) it will probably be locked on the disc. Capcom and other fighting game companies still care about their tournament communities. 
People shouldn't underestimate tournaments communities, they're the reason why most character DLC is locked on the disc. The only actual DLC characters that has happen is SSFIV AE, that's mainly due to the fact that it's not that big of an update, and there's also the arcade version.   

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There you go Capcom. Now please don't make Ultra Street Fighter X Tekken, and get Mega Man Legends 3 back in development and we should be good.

Capcom can only make ONE game with the Tekken name. So that means no Ultra/Super versions.

You mean like how it cost too much to license the Marvel stuff so that they couldn't release another MvC3 game? Oh wait.

I think even Ono said all updates were going to be DLC.

I believe he explicitly stated that there will only be one disc released, and yeah, all updates will be DLC.

And I believe that Ono stated that there wouldn't be a title update to SFIV. Capcom has lied too many times to their fans that i don't believe what Capcom says for one minute.