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Top 5 pizza toppings in Shelmerston! You won't BELIEVE #3!!! :O 0

On a beach out by Shelmerston’s lighthouse, lit softly by the rising sun, there sits a memorial dedicated to the island’s late museum curator. Evidently, he was a man worth remembering, whose contributions to the small island warranted a permanent addition to the landscape. It reads:In loving memory ofMorris Lupton1957 - 2019Curator of Shelmerston Museum.He collected the stories of this place.This small obituary speaks volumes about Morris, despite not saying much at all. A lifelong...

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The Anti-walking Simulator 3

Sometimes, constraints are the greatest boon to creativity that there can be. Money, technology, time, and all of the most intelligent minds in the world put together in a pot might come out the other side with, to continue to cooking metaphor, an inedible slab of actual shit. How does it happen? Who can say. The possibility of being able to do everything might make it actually impossible to do anything. Look at Star Citizen and its rapidly ballooning pool of money and constant delays, or at Cal...

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Addictive but Flawed 0

Sometimes a game just speaks to you. Now, I don't mean that it looks you in the eye and actually says words to you, obviously, but there are some games that appeal to some part of your brain that you may not even know existed. This can show up in the places you least expect, and it isn't always a sign of a good game. When a game catches your attention, has you aching and itching to go back, it did something right. Maybe a mechanic is the shining diamond in an otherwise flawed work, or it has an ...

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