Old School vs. New School games

        When I think of the popular games out nowadays my mind races towards games like Call of Duty and Mass Effect. Super realistic shooters and loads of dialog options. When I think of the games I and my friends played in the 90's I think of Zelda and Banjo Kazoozie. Lots of boss battles and collecting items. Where are the boss battles in Call of Duty? It seems to me that alot of the basic things that were in every game back in the day aren't really there anymore. Sure Zelda is still the same and there are alot of new releases that are "old school" in a way. Like Shadow Complex, it has save rooms! I can't even recall the last game I played that didn't autosave every 5 minutes.  
        What I'm trying to get at is the evolution of video games. Isn't it interesting how games have changed? We've gone from jumping over barrels to rescue a princess to jumping out of airplanes to eliminate terriost threats. We went from spending countless hours on games like Banjo Kazooie trying to find that last goddamn Jinjo to games like Call of Duty, staying up all night killing dudes from all over the world to unlock that last perk.  
          What do you guys think of the difference in video games nowadays compared to the games you grew up with? Do you guys miss all that "old school" stuff? For example nowadays some games don't even have a single boss battle, that's really crazy when you think about it. 
PS. When I say boss battle I'm talking about a big health bar at the top of the screen, memorizing patterns, that sort of thing.