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Best of 2009

The_Philosopher: Best of 2009
So many great games. I decided to list some reasons why each game deserves to be in this list.

List items

  • 1. Excellently paced, action packed and lengthy single player.

    2. Tons of replay value. Medals, trophies, higher difficulties, collectibles, skins and other fun little unlockables.

    3. Great multi-player that has received excellent support from Naughty Dog so far.

    4. The best visuals around.

    5. Great epic globe trotting adventure story.

    6. I love the way money carries over from single player to multi-player and vice versa. It's good incentive to keep playing.

    7. Amazing character animations and voice work.

    8. Tons of variation in the environments.

    9. Nathan Drake, Sully, Chloe, Elena even the bad guys were all great characters.

  • 1. Long as hell.

    2. Feels challenging without feeling cheap.

    3. So many choices.

    4. Epic story makes you feel like your in your favorite fantasy movie/book.

    5. Great characters.

    6. I really felt the repercussions of my decisions and I was second guessing myself the whole way through.

    7. Great UI.

    8. Mods and DLC are great.

    9. So many reasons to play through again and again.

  • 1. Awesome visual style.

    2. Loads of whacky weapons.

    3. Very funny. The radio stations are hilarious.

    4. Lot's of stuff to do, exploring the different planets and sectors is fun not to mention the battleplex is as awesome as ever.

    5. The Clank parts and Ratchet parts are very different keeping it fresh.

    6. Option to skip puzzles is neat.

    7. Customizing your weapons and ship is cool.

    8. Great music and sound effects.

    9. Great story and beautiful CG cutscenes.

    10. Collectibles are done so well. More games should have unlockable maps that show the locations of collectibles.

  • 1. Combat feels fluid and fast.

    2. Lots of collectibles and side missions.

    3. Moral choices were surprisingly well handled.

    4. Lot's of cool abilities that were introduced well.

    5. Climbing/running/jumping felt awesome.

    6. I loved the cool comic book way the story was told.

    7. I liked the music a lot.

  • 1. Great grimy, dark, creepy art style.

    2. Loads of sweet bat gadgets.

    3. Stealth parts and the fighting parts are both handled amazingly.

    4. Tons of replay value with all the collectibles and challenge modes.

    5. Great voice cast and selection of villains.

    6. Detective Mode!

    7. The best Batman ever. Even better then George Cloney and Adam West!

    8. I've never seen collectibles or backtracking handled better in any other game. Except maybe in A Crack in Time.

  • 1. This game looks amazing.

    2. I love the fairy tale book style of the story.

    3. The gameplay is a unique blend of RPGs, platformers and puzzle games.

    4. There are so many ways to solve a problem in this game depending on which character or characters you use.

  • 1. Huge improvement over the first.

    2. Great characters and story.

    3. Loads of side stuff to do.

    4. Lengthy single player.

  • 1. 80 billizon guns.

    2. Great co-op game.

    3. Cool graphics, loads of style.

    4. Lots of funny stuff.

    5. Addictive WoW/Diablo loot.

    6. Great DLC.

  • 1. Awesome setting.

    2. Zombie gore looks great.

    3. Excellent characters.

    4. Better more varied content then the first.

    5. More mutli-player modes then the first.

  • Even though I was really disappointed with this game I think it deserves the 10th spot.

    1. Really funny.

    2. Great dialog and voice performances.

    3. Great art style.

    4. Amazing concept that could use a lot more variation and a lot less RTS.