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Best of 2010

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  • It's number one for 3 reasons: 1.Best characters and story of the year. 2.Huge amount of stuff to do, and it's all fun. 3.Surprisingly good multiplayer.

  • I almost put Mass Effect 2 first on this list. It's really an amazing game and I wish I could have two number ones.

  • I wish I could have three number ones. Great story and loads and loads of stuff to do. Plus a pretty cool multiplayer.

  • Great game. Voice acting was a little goofy in spots but it really pulled me into the story. Also the twist is so fucking crazy and awesome.

  • Best expansion yet. In WOTLK Blizzard rewarded players for grinding the same boring heroics over and over again. You got better gear each time and the heroics only got easier. Which makes no sense at all. Games should get more challenging as they go on, not easier. In Cata they fixed this. You still get good gear from heroics but you can only get blues. The heroics are also way harder, people can actually die if they don't know the fights and do the proper thing. Which is the way WoW should be. Grinding the same shit over and over is boring. Adding a simple mechanic or two to a boss fight makes in so much more entertaining. This is Blizzard best set of quests, zones and dungeons yet.

  • This game is awesome. You sit down for what seems like an hour and the whole day has passed you by. Your given command of an entire civilization and it's awesome, it's Risk times like 4 billion. It's awesome, buy it.

  • I had to put at least one downloadable game on here and I picked this one. Why? Because it's the best. The controls are awesome, it's challenging without being frustrating. It's an all around splendid game.

  • This game is not without it's fair share of issues but I really like it's style and story.

  • The ultimate party game!

  • I enjoyed my time with this terrible game. It has technical issues coming out of it's ears, it controls poorly and plays even worse but I enjoyed it. I liked creating my super spy (even if I could only choose from 3 different beards and like 2 hats). I liked the dialog system, mass effect should take a page from it's book. I just really liked it and I felt that it deserved a spot on my list even though it kinda sucks.