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Top 10 Games I played in 2009 that didn't come out in 2009.

My favorite games I played in 2009 that didn't come out in 2009.

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  • I love 50's Sci-Fi / monster movies. I remember playing this game a lot when I was younger so this year I bought a copy from Ebay. All the monsters are classic rip-offs offs of Godzilla, King Kong, etc. It has a great cheesy 50's drive-in style in all the menus and story. The plot involves an alien spaceship that crashes into Earth and some weird fluid leaks out from it and creates monsters. Then of coarse the government makes giant robots and the like and pretty soon you have a great giant monster brawl. You can have awesome battles with a bunch of monsters and destroy all kinds of buildings in process. It's a great multi-player game.

  • This game is decently scary at times. It's not the exorcist or anything but it's alright. I mainly love it because I adore the Lovecraft fiction and this does a great job of staying true to that. I don't think that H.P Lovecraft would like it since his stories are all about your own fucked up mind. I prefer to keep his actual work apart from all the mythos that it inspired. I think the point of his stories are to get you to imagine the most terrible thing you can and that's why he doesn't describe things in great detail. Instead he paints a horrible image of your own worst nightmares in your head. The game doesn't do anything as cool as that but it's neat. I got this one off Steam as well, they have a great back catalog of games.

  • Once again got this one from a Steam sale for $10. Amazing voice work and it is so immersive. The hand to hand combat is brutal and awesome. Wanna live? Get a shiv.

  • Naturally it's a little jankey considering it's origin but it's pretty neat. I got it from the Steam holiday sale for $2! An amazing deal. The shooting feels great and it has great atmosphere. I haven't played it much yet but I plan to.

  • Besides the great feeling guns and that fact you can blow up almost anything I also really like the characters in this game. It's a neat little story about a squad of misfits that decide to nab some gold. I found the platinum hits edition of this game for $20 at Walmart.

  • Do you like The Simpsons? Then you will like this game. It is just as funny as some of the best Simpsons episodes I've seen. In most cases it's better because most of the humor is video game related. Picked this up in my local Walmart bargain bin for $20.

  • What can I say? It's a classic. Also it's 2 am and I want to finish this and go to bed. i played this on live arcade.

  • I'm a big fan of Hard Boiled. The movie this game is a sequel to. I gotta say this game captures the essence of the film pretty damn well. Bullets, glass, people and doves flying around everywhere. Not the best game ever but worth the $19.99 Walmart was asking.

  • Who doesn't love a good game of Worms? It seems wherever I go someone has this on their 360 and whenever we have a match or five it's an absolute riot. I never get tired of Worms, in moderation of coarse.

  • This game fucking sucks my dick. I hate it, however I like what it tries to accomplish. The QTEs start to get way too dumb at around the halfway point. Running from space ticks, dodging bullets, goofy ass fights that look the the conclusion of The Matrix, is fucking stupid. But I like some parts and the story is ok. I played this on my 360 via Xbox Originals. It's a cool game just don't expect it to blow you away or anything.